Monday, October 26, 2009

Zoo Boo + Pumpkins!

We had a great time meeting up with our friends, Courtney and Addison, Vanessa, Marvin and Jacquelyn and Tara, Tyler and Ryan for the Houston Zoo Boo Spectacular!!

It was a hectic mess and we all got seperated at some point throughout the day.  But it was a fun time anyway, with lots of cute, festive snap shots along the way!  I'm gonna let the pics do the 'talking!'

Friend Twinsies!
Layla and Miss Addison
Arriving at the Zoo Boo

And their prissy, sassy, gorgeous friend,
Miss Jacquelyn.
Eating a sucker and so proud!

This is what the little ladies did
when we asked them to pose for the pic together.
Miss J with her sucker. 
Miss A doing a pretty good job.
And Miss Layla giving it her best cheerleader pose!

How cool is the sidewalk art?

Candy?!  What candy?!
Oh...the tootsie roll in my mouth?

J and L jammin' to the music...

..still jammin'...
...and eatin' candy...

Now I just ADORE this picture.
Layla's expression exudes an
"I am SO impressed with myself~check me out mom!" look.

And here is our good friend, Tyler!
She had the most spirit and was
the sweetest, cutest, pinkest
cheerleader ever! 

Our girls know the 'Buddy System'

And rarely let go of each others hands!

They are just loving life! 
(I messed up and only got half of Addi's face.
But, I was moving just trying to keep up them!)

Does this even need a caption?  YES!

Carousel Ride of the Tiger!

Miss J and her goregous mommy.
That's Vanessa!
She is the power behind...

After the Zoo Boo, we hit up a
Fall Pumpkin Patch!

Where I found out that Layla does NOT
like large hay turkeys...obviously!

But, she loves little bitty pumpkins.
And the yellow brick road.

She wouldn't let go of that teeny pumpkin!

Now, that is just about perfect!

We had a TURKEY of a day!


Jacquelyn Reese Baby, Kids and Home said...

It was such a fun day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

What sweet little friends and a fun outing. Great pics:) Makes me miss those younger years.

Yakini said...

Oh my goodness, how absolutely fun!!! All the little ones are just so cute! I wish I had more girlfriends in the area with babies Chase's age, so I could do things like this.

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