Sunday, October 11, 2009

THE Nap Mat of ALL Nap Mats

If you follow my Red Curlz blog, then you probably already read about my good friend, Courtney, and her Lil Mister Big Sister Etsy Shop!

As promised on my Red Curlz Blog, here is THE Nap Mat of ALL Nap Mats!

All-In-One Creation.

Pillow.  Blanket.  And cuddly softness.

Flip the pillow out.
And it will extend the mat length and
make it suitable for larger, longer children!

Make it your very own!

Then roll it up.

Grab the strap.
You are ready to roll.
And mean go!

Courtney is offering these amazing designs for only $50 at her etsy shop right now!

Listen people.  That is a special.  They are not always this cheap!

The fabrics alone almost cost that much....better go orders yours now!

The price won't stay that low forever. 

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