Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nursery Inspiration Revisited

Okay, so after I did this post, I talked to my baby sister and realized she...

1.  Made some furniture purchases I was not aware of...(she will not be using white furniture)
2.  Has some things in mind that she does NOT want to use...(i.e. light aqua paint on the walls)
3.  Is leaning towards a green-ish color for the nursery...(For the walls?  not sure.  In the bedding?  I dunno?)
4.  Does not like yellow...(oops!)

Needless to say, a nursery inspiration revision is required here.

After picking her brain for a few days, and a lot of fleeting thoughts, and mucho brain storming, and many phone calls...

I think I decided on a Nursery Design that she can truly get down with! 

Think: Country~Chic, Rustic~Girly, Vintage~Western with more Diamonds and less Denim.

For as long as I can remember...baby sis has loved, I mean, adored, Patsy Cline.  So, taking a tip from that, I think it would be adorable to hang these together on a wall...

In an homage to Grandpa Faifer, the above photograph is of a vintage Southern Pacific Freight train. 

Or she could frame some of these adorable Vintage posters instead to take on a completely different, baby-like vibe...I think this is what I am leaning towards...

I found all of these posters at http://www.allposters.com/

Of course, my baby sis is the ultimate decision maker for the room, so I could just stop here to see if she even likes where this Nursery Design is going, but....nooooo!!!  Why make things easy on myself?!? 

Baby sis is leaning towards green.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love green.  I mean, for heavens sake, Layla's room is an all over spring green color, but I am just not feeling it with the green right now.

I am thinking this color would be gorgeous on the walls.  **It is the color seen on the window trim.**

It is a creamy pink and I love it.  The actual name is Reverie Pink, 170E-1, from Behr.  This is the color I have chosen despite her pleas for 'not a lot of pink!'  Okay, okay.  Oops.

Her furniture, i.e. crib, dresser, changer and rocking chair are all in a medium wood tone, similar to the below sample.

And how adorable would this Rodeo Cowgirl Bin be to nicely store and easy to tote around diapers, wipes, creams, etc.?  You can buy it at this etsy store!

Okay.  Wait.  Fleeting thoughts....

I am all over the place here.  I gotta start over.

I am sorry folks....

I'll be back with something final.  I think.  I Promise. 

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