Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Astrology

Okay, like I need something else to keep me busy?!? Hello....there is this thing called work?!? The place that keeps the cash flow flowing...ahhh, there is always tomorrow. Right?

So, seeing as my innocent little girl (Ha! I am not kidding anyone with that, am I?) is reaching that testing, testing, testing-almost 2 years old phase, I had a thought about checking our astrological compatibility!

Mommy (Happy Cappy - aka Capricorn) and Layla (Roaring Lion - aka Leo) Compatibility
(This also holds true between myself and my mommy!) Check it out....not bad!

When a Leo child is born to a Capricorn parent, they form a mutually supportive union. Capricorn is conservative, hard working, and traditional in outlook and design. Leo sees the value of hard work but prefers to get things done by charm and schmoozing.
These two relatives don't always see eye to eye. Capricorn may see their child as underachieving, while Leo may think that their parent could have some fun every once in a while. They are both strongly loyal, devoted to, and supportive of each other. Though they may appear different on the surface, they realize how similar they truly are at the heart of things. Both have a fondness for luxury and don't mind working toward their goals.
Leo and Capricorn both enjoy status and possessions. Leo tends to be flamboyant, and Capricorn is of a more classical ilk. Because both Signs are so determined, they will understand each other with a bit of careful attention. They will soon realize that they have a lot to teach one another. The Leo child can show their Capricorn parent how to have a fun time, and Capricorn can instill the value of hard work in their Leo child.
The best aspect of the Leo-Capricorn family relationship is their devotion to taking care of business and settling important family matters. Both Signs have strong personalities. Although they may seem to have little in common as people, as family, they are very tight. Though opposites, they respect the other's approach to life and living.

Daddy (Critical Virg - aka Virgo) and Layla (Roaring Lion - aka Leo) Compatibility
(This also holds true between Richard and my momma, his mother-in-law - except vice versa!)

When a Leo child is born to a Virgo parent, a surface glance would make one think that they have no common interests and nothing to learn from each other. Leo is outgoing, dominant, charismatic, and often a little short-tempered. Virgo is studious and quiet, possessed of more reserved nature than Leo.
Although these two family members seem completely different, they form a wonderful bond once each person learns to accept the other's unfamiliar style. Virgo appreciates their child's creative flair, and Leo is amazed at how much their parent can accomplish in a day.
Planning events comes easily to this family team. Leo may feel that their parent is too critical, while Virgo may find that their child can be selfish. The Leo child can add fun and excitement to their parent's otherwise, calculated life. At the same time, Virgo teaches Leo patience, determination, and stability.
The best aspect of the Leo-Virgo family relationship is their effectiveness at sharing tasks and helping one another out when they need it. Leo gets attention and respect by being out in the field and socializing, following through on new ideas motivated by fun and interest. Virgo works hard behind the scenes and follows up on details that Leo has lost interest in. Their different personalities, opposite in so many ways, make theirs a highly complementary family relationship.

And last, but certainly not least - is for me, the Happy Cappy, and Richard, the Critical Virgo! Let's see what has made our love for one another last thorughout the years! Lord knows we butt heads all the time, so I am curious to see how we fair - via astrology! Take it for what it is worth...

When Virgo and Capricorn join together in a love match, theirs is a pragmatic, smart relationship. Both Signs are highly rational, and both expect a lot of themselves and others. Virgo adores Capricorn's dedication and intensity, while Capricorn admires Virgo's intuition and attention to detail. Together they form a solid union based firmly in reality.
This relationship has a strong foundation that is based on material security and a realistic approach to life in general. These Signs don't let their emotions or impulses take over and you can count on both. Virgo can help Capricorn to relax a little and appreciate all they have worked to attain. Capricorn can help Virgo achieve goals and makes dreams a reality through initiation. They live a very comfortable life together.
Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Mercury is a pragmatic, communicative energy and Saturn a cool energy. Mercury is about being communicative. Saturn is about hard work and discipline to achieve goals. Virgo will show Capricorn the virtues of hard work and assist in keeping the relationship, business or home front a well-oiled machine. Capricorn can teach Virgo discipline and the focus needed to achieve goals. Together this couple will share a life of domestic and romantic bliss.
Virgo and Capricorn are both Earth Signs. In addition to order and succinctness, Virgo-Capricorn partners usually surround themselves with tasteful and discriminating possessions. They would rather hold out for perfection than settle for an adequate substitute. Along with their desire to be financially secure, their love of fine things provokes this couple to put in long hours and a tremendous energy toward fulfilling their own and one another's dreams. Additionally, they are a sensible pair, and they rarely have problems caused by one partner's conspicuous consumption.
Virgo is a Mutable Sign and Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign. Virgo is easily adaptable to any situation and has no problem working with The Goat as long as they have a sufficient role in the project. Capricorn likes the fact that Virgo is entirely dedicated to the relationship. Capricorn can offer viewpoints to the relationship that Virgo never would have considered on their own. Capricorn will start new projects that Virgo will enjoy taking over later. This relationship will work out if Capricorn can initiate ideas and Virgo can continue them.
What's the best aspect of the Virgo-Capricorn relationship? It's their amazing dedication, and to similar goals. Both partners enjoy security and material objects, and work very well together to achieve their goals -- especially if the goal involves shared resources. Their mutual interests make theirs a highly pleasant relationship.

Wow! What a rockin' family I have!

Blogs and Websites I adore...

In case you are looking for some entertaining websites and blogs, and have some time to spare, here are just a few of my favorites...

Great design advice for children

Funny take on a mother's world

Adorable childrens clothing and patterns

Wonder why EVERYTHING has SOMETHING to do with kiddos?!?!?! My life. I love it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

For Wade

Here is my lastest creation! This is the first finished product of children's wall decor that I have completed since Layla's name sign for her nursery. It has inspired me to get back on the brush and let my mind get creative! I am invisioning some little birds for her new big girl room...

Back to Wade! I absoultely thoroughly enjoyed making this name sign for him. One of my good friends, Nicole, and her hubby Gary are expecting their first baby boy in June, and I was honored to make a name sign for his nursery!
Enjoy! Let me know if I can design something fun for you or your little one!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

For Scotty

Please pray for Scotty. Scotty is Richard's sister, Melissa's husband. He began feeling ill about the past week or so. The Mangum, Oklahoma hospital claimed it was the flu, gave him a booster shot and sent him home. He felt a little better for the next two days until yesterday...he has taken a major turn for the worse.

We need your prayers, please.

Scotty was incoherent and non-responsive yesterday and they had to life-flight him to Oklahoma City for better, more intensive care. Today we have learned Scotty actually had pneumonia and an infection has spread to his brain! We have limited information at this point, but the only article I could find that sounds like what they are describing is below.

I am asking everyone to say a special prayer for Scotty to pull through! The power of prayer does wonders and our family needs that now.

Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle Scotty is experiencing -- the pain and the despair. You know the desire of his heart to be healed of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch. I know that You are able and You can heal him. I also understand that You will chose what is best for Scotty, and for all of us. I pray that through this trial, we will all draw close to You -- that You will be our comfort and strength. I pray that ultimately, whatever happens, You will be glorified through us. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God is good all the time! All the time...

God is good!

I was touched by a precious miracle today - a little girl and her strong, faithful family! Although my heart is heavy and aches tremendously for them, I know MY God, OUR God, is still working miracles. I pray He brings this family, and their many friends, comfort, peace and understanding. If you have some free time, read their story.

The above picture is Kayleigh's hand, wearing her daddy's wedding ring as a braclet!!!

It reminded me how very blessed I am! I am so thankful for my family. My friends. And I am and will be eternally grateful to God for delivering Layla so carefully into my arms.

Be blessed.

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again. Psalm 71:20-21

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am painting again!!!!

So I am working on some really special wall art for two great friends of mine for their precious bundles of joy due very soon. It is amazing how painting just sparks this passion inside of me....oh how I have missed it! And I cannot remember the last time I was up at 11 pm EXCITED and awake and painting! Feels so good. (I know I will pay for it at work tomorrow.) It made me think back to some of my past creations and I wanted to share! Expect more new creations soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gotta love those Texas Bluebonnets!

Okay ya'll. I just received the bluebonnet pictures back from my friend, Jen, who is a talented photographer, among many things. (You should try her egg salad!) Check out some of her other work at
Jen was able to salvage a few good shots, but we were working against a very sunny sun, extremely windy wind, brown soggy mud, a hungry 20 month old little girl, a sweet dog and a man in white pants! Cut us some slack. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks Jen!

Better luck next year, we will be back.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's brighten our day!

I know we all get down in the dumps from time to time. From a wide range of things. If you are feeling a little down or depressed, it can seem like there is nothing you can do to improve your mood. I searched and found ways to help get you (and me) out of the funk and find our sparkle again!

1. Get a pet - Extensive research demonstrates that people with pets are happier people. It is a great feeling to take care of something and to have it love you unconditionally. Dogs especially enhance mental health because they force you to get out of the house and get some exercise. Additionally, spending only 5 minutes a day petting a dog or cat has been shown to lower blood pressure. Check - just adpoted Sammie! He is begging for a belly rub...
2. Do something you love - Think of what activities bring you the most joy and relax you. If you are feeling unmotivated to get started on the activity, then commit to just a few small steps: get the art supplies out of the cabinet, lay everything you need on the counter, and spend just 3 minutes painting. Probably you will find that you do have the energy to continue on the project. Check - I am painting for two great friends! Work in is my next project for Layla's big girl room. A version of the below piece. 3. Call someone who is caring and encouraging - It is hard to reach out to others when you are blue, but social contact is a great alleviator of depression. If it is hard to think of anyone supportive in your life, then go somewhere to be around others: the movie theater, coffee shop, book store, mall or church service. I am blessed when it comes to this aspect! Check - just call friends or family! 4. Keep a compliment file - Write down any compliments you can remember receiving lately. Also collect special cards or positive job performance reviews. Keep these things together to give yourself a boost when you are down. Check - I am awesome, and I know it! Ha!

5. Exercise - It has been said that exercise releases endorphins which improve mood. There is some debate whether this is scientific fact, but studies show a definite connection between exercise and low rates of anxiety and depression. Not so much check! Need to work on this...although me and Layla bust some serious dance moves everyday...that has to be worth something. It always makes me feel better. Michael Jackson anyone?

6. Focus on the basics - Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a warm shower? Simple actions to take care of yourself can make a big difference. Get out of bed, eat a healthy breakfast, shave, and dress nicely. Check - only because I am at work today!

7. Be your own motivator - Set small goals to accomplish important tasks. If you feel overwhelmed because you have piles and piles of laundry around the house, then commit to just one load and grab that laundry basket to collect it. Or if you feel discouraged by job searching, then make just one phone call or send your resume to one place. Check - I am working on one goal right now! I am helping a tremendous friend find their sparkle again. It has been a rough week.

8. Change your vantage point - A different environment or change of routine might help improve your perspective on things. So do things backwards, take a new route to work, get out of the house for awhile, or spend some time outside. Check - When I am frustrated at work, I always walk away from my desk to grab some fresh air. Always helpful. Check out the Ferris Wheel view I enjoyed on Saturday with Richard and Layla. Lovely downtown Houston.

9. Consider therapy - For depression that is recurrent and lasts for days, professional help is recommended. Check - I use my friends and family as my therapists. My boss is a really great therapist to me. Thanks, KK.
10. When it gets serious... If you are persistently depressed, then it is time to talk to your therapist or medical doctor, and medication could be necessary. I am happy to report I have not had to resort to this treatment, but some of my close friends have. I am happy they took control of their life and their quality of life. Try to never judge others, as you never know what battles they are fighting.
This is for all my loved ones. Keep your head up!

Another loss

R.I.P. to my Great Uncle Harold. You will be missed and forever loved. I know you are back in the arms of your lady love and that brings me peace and comfort.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Skeeter Syndrome!

What? Never even heard of it! Sounds like a joke, right? Well, turns out, it is an actual syndrome. A syndrome that can be deadly at times!!! And it appears that my precious VERY SWEET little girl has this. Mosquitos LOVE her and her body HATES them. She reacts terribly to one mosquito bite. Her entire back is red and swollen...research continuing...has anyone else heard of this? Have any experience with it? Help, please. PLeazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Something is a little fishy here...

Layla's good friend, Addison, turned 2 years old on April 25th. Her mommy and daddy decided a birthday party at The Aquarium was a good idea....and boy was it!
This past Saturday, myself, Richard and Layla attended Addison's 2nd birthday party AND WE HAD A BLAST! I will let the pictures speak for themselves...
First up was the Merry-go-round, then the Ferris Wheel, Underground Train Ride, exhibits - fish and white tigers - and then yummy food, happy birthday song and cake! Does it get any better? I didn't think so!
Layla and Daddy on the Train
Layla laughing at Tyler on the bird ride, with Madalyn by her side
Madalyn being a sweet thing and making sure Layla didn't get lost
Three silly (very cute) little girls
Mommy and Layla on the Ferris Wheel
The Birthday Girl and Layla
The girls with their daddies - sting ray exhibit
White Tiger exhibit Layla and mommy munching out
Happy 2nd Birthday, Miss Addison! (Check out the cake!)
The cake = face crammer (with Addison's mommy)
A fun, fun day indeed! Layla was not quite ready to go....fighting daddy on the way out...

Two minutes later....maybe she was ready to go after all!
She just didn't know it! Thanks for a great day, Addison!
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