Friday, April 30, 2010

Texas Bluebon-what?

This is all I have to share with you guys for the weekend.  She's cute, so hopefully you are good with that. 

She is trying to give you a flower, dontcha want it? 

Please don't ask about those boots...this was our sorry attempt at Bluebonnet pics this year.  Sad.

These are from last year...didn't make it this year.  Oh well, happy weekend ya'll!

My Disney on Ice Review

If you care to read it, hop on over here!  And don't get too excited...

...unless it is over those three cutie pies above!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the best camera

Hey all you photographers out there!!!  Yeah, you.  I need your input.  What camera do you like best?  Why?  I am getting one soon and would love to hear your feedback...


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a 1st for Valerie

Our good friend from San Antonio, Mark, and family invited us over for his little girl Valerie's 1st birthday.  And it was one major pink 1st birthday!!!

There is the birthday girl with daddy.  So sweet...

Again, we were blessed with gorgeous weather.  We are taking it all in before the HOT Houston summer is upon us.  Soon, folks.  Very, very soon...

Of course, Layla was quick to make friends with the first dog she sees...that's Nature's Girl!

I just adore Layla's silhouette...need to use this picture for one of those cool DIY'ers...note to self...

She ready!  Who is up for a game of soccer???

Oh, nevermind.  She found the FunYun's.  Girlfriend LOVES some FunYun's.

Birthday girl getting serenaded by abuelito via the accordion...oh so lovely. 

And my baby girls FIRST SWING at a Pinata!!!!  And a beautiful pinata it was. 

The highlight of the party was when I asked a lady about her Sony camera.  A nice one.  With a lens you move.  Focus, whatever.  Yeah, she was awesome.  I want to learn photography.  And she just handed it off and I practiced all day.  I loved much.  I am kinda obsessed.  My mom is going to invest in a nice camera for me...which leads me to my next post....

Our 1st Crawfish for the Season

Way back on Friday, April 9th....(Hey! At least I am still in the same month, barely!)....we joined our good friends, Courtney, Scott, Addison and Cameron at a Fundraiser for the MS 150 that takes place each year. 

It was a Crawfish Boil and it was yummy.  Good food, good music, good play areas and good beer!  What more could you ask for? 

A strange looking clown?  Okay.  Consider it done.

It was perfect weather.  Breezy and about 75 degrees.  Perfect, yet again.

And Mr. Cameron himself...teething and cute.

Miss Addison enjoying the awesome band.  With my stunna shades, no less.

Layla acting like a DIVA!  With my stunna shade, no less.

Get over yourself, Miss Prim and Proper...

Yeah, that's more like it.  Wait....that's a little much.  {Que Snoop Dogg...."step up in this mother whater just a swangin' my hair!}

Break it down girls...

It was definitely a good time...

65 Red Roses

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

~ Haruki Murakami

And this gorgeous lady proved that.  Visit her website, 65 Red Roses, to learn more about her incredibly hard and inspiring journey.  I had this quote saved for quite a while...and thought it was only fitting to post it now, with Eva.

Eva's words from March 11th, 2010 at 12:59 AM



i need to dwell there awhile tonight

i need hope

it is the only thing i live on and i am dancing in it tonight

i am rejoicing in hope

running skipping hopping tralala trippingly toppling in hope tonight

every day is one day closer


to breathing

to living

to starting my life anew

to waking up

breathing in ease

i am happy tonight

knowing i am hopeful




i have spoken my word earlier

poetry played pattering across my keyboard

but now

too much energy

simpler words

so much meaning

full of love and hope and the colour red

your girl,



Eva is at peace now and I imagine doing something like this in Heaven.  In red, no doubt. 

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Free.  Breathing.  Transitioning.

Tune in to live stream her memorial service tomorrow via the 65 Red Roses website.  R.I.P. Eva baby.  

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up Again - Round???

Okay ya'll.  I've got my legs back...sorta.  At least I am out of shock now.  My dad will be going in for surgery soon, and I will be sure to update.  I would really appreciate any ongoing prayers....

Now, it is time to play catch up again.  I left off with Easter.  So sad.  And I am going to pick up with...wait for it...Easter.  Same weekend, different stuff.

Layla saw my nieces bike.  She wants one now.

I suppose it is time.  She learned how to petal, so I guess that is what comes after a trike.  But, she isn't even three yet.  Is that normal?

Check out my dad with the newest member of the family.  That is sweet Addison Mae.

Here is Rich getting his baby fix in.  No, we do not want # 2...

Loving Layla with Absolutely Adorable Addison!!!

And Addison's mommy, my baby sis, Kimberly.

Excuse Layla's look.  We had a terrible stomach bug from Good Friday on until the Monday after Easter.  No fun, I say.  NO fun at all.  Long story short.  Layla had a bout first thing Easter Sunday morning and I threw her in the bath tub before she could see what the Easter Bunny brought.... that is why you can see Layla.  And you can see her Easter Basket...

But, you cannot see them together because you would see more goodies, that you just don't need to see.  Moving on, shall we?

Check out Addison's goodies from THE bunny! 

Easter Egg Hunt - game on!!! 

Honey saying hello to Addi.  Addi saying hello to Honey. 

Good times, good times!!! 

Life like a pearl necklace

The pearls weren’t really white,

they were a warm oyster beige,

with little knots in between

so if they broke, you only lost one.

I wished my life could be like that,

knotted up

so that even if something broke,

the whole thing wouldn’t come apart.

~ Janet Fitch, White Oldeander
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One Word Wednesday - 04.28.10


What ONE WORD does the above photo make YOU think of?
Please DO share.
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