Friday, February 26, 2010

GO Texan - Western Day!

It is Go Texan Day today, which kicks off the Houston Rodeo with a HUGE Trailride of Horses and Wagons converging into downtown Houston and Memorial Park. 

Here is my shy girl this morning not wanting to take pics.  Sorry for my nose shot!

Now, that's better. 

All decked out in her vintage western dress, with skinny jeans and her boots!

With mommy at work, before the trailriders took over!  It is crazy around my office, Memorial Park, because this is where ALL 3,000+ trailriders converge before the big KICK OFF in the morning.  The traffic is lovely. 

But, we are BIG fans of Houston Rodeo so we are super excited.  You guys have a glorious weekend!

Valentine's Revisited

Seeing Layla on Valentine's Day made me think about how quickly the years are passing me by...

Layla's 1st Valentine's...

Oh, my roll-y cherub!

Her 2nd V-Day...

And now here we are!

More babes...

Actually.  Just one!  And his name is Marcus, Jr., aka. MJ!

Welcome MJ, youare a precious little thing. 

My Valentine and her box

Here is my little Valentine, well, on Valentine's Day!  And that furry thing...that's Sam-Sam.  Her right hand man dog. 

And he kept getting in the pics!  I love him and all, but I was trying to snap a V-Day pic of my lil' lovey. 

When Layla saw this picture...she said, "Sam-Sam has lights!"  Love it.

I put all of her Valentine's Day Cards for her classmates in this box, that Jenn gave me.  And, thus, all the cards she got, went in!  And she has not let go of that box yet!

She wanted to take it today, Februray 26th, for Show and Tell.  They gave them to you.  What are you gonna say about them????  Perhaps, thanks again? 

Question For You




I need an answer, please.

Happy Birthday, MyKira!

At the beginning of February we headed to San Antonio, for Layla's cousins birthday.  MyKira turned one and they celebrated in true style!  A DJ.  A Bounce House.  Cotton Candy.  Food and more!  It was a really fun time seeing family that we don't get to see near enough.

Layla in the Bounce House.  If you couldn't find her...she was in here!

Tried jumpin rope.  That did not last long.

The cotton candy was a HIT!  (With myself too.  I think I had 3!!!  Bad.)

Layla waiting patiently for her sugary confection.  Thanks Cuz' Kev!

She was a pro cotton candy eater - if there ever was...

Turkey Leg out!  She is NOT playin' around!

A pretty cake...

...for a pretty birthday girl!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rachel Bilson, for real?

I got a HUGE compliment the other day when Julianna, the fingers behind the A Blonde Walks into a Blog, asked if she could feature ME?  Yeah, me!  In a Celebrity Look-a-like Post!  What???

Of course, I said yes, but I told her I had NO idea what celebrity I resembled or looked like.  Mind blank....when she replied back that she and her boyfriend agreed I looked like.....wait for it......wait for it....


Ahhhh....yeah, I'll take that!  I don't really see it.  But, I will take it, none the less.  I love her.  Always have.  Since Summer + Seth = L.O.V.E.  (The O.C., anyone?)

Yes, I am a dork.  In case you didn't know.  Now you do!  Thanks Julianna. 

The more aware a man is of a woman's body, the better. He needs to know he has to tend to a woman. She might not always return the favor, but a man always has to tend to a woman first.

~ Rachel Bilson

Goose Egg...the NEW trend!

Won't you join me in starting this new trend???  And no.  I am NOT talking about this kind of Goose Egg.

I am talking about these...

And I got one this morning.  From the corner of my car door, yeah. 

And apperantly they are all the rage....amongst TWO YEAR OLDS!!!!

Thirty-somethings.  Not. So. Much.  OUCH!  Just call me Grace. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome babes!

I just wanted to take a quick snippet of time to let you know...

1.  I survived today at work....yay!

2.  Giomar, my friend Juny's nephew, was born on January 20th - welcome little man!!!  You have big shoes to fill...we love your Uncle so.

3.  Noah James, my friend Jenn's, baby was born yesterday - can't wait to meet ya!

4.  Ya'll have a good one.  And I'll meet you right back here tomorrow.

I'm really trying...

{image via}


{image via}

One Word Wednesday - 15th Edition


What ONE WORD does the above picture make YOU think of?
Please DO share.

The J.O.B. - NSFW

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

Caution, foul language ahead, again.

Crazy stuff going on in the office...please pray for me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - 3rd edition

Grab My Button

Taylor's Top Two Tuesday today is...

Favorite T.V. Shows

1.  Oprah!  Yes, I am still a fan and I still watch every episode via DVR.  As long as I am interested.  I watch.

2.  Desperate Houswives.  Yes, I am still one of those people.

And I still like me.

Poem for Layla Grace

It is with a heavy heart that I call upon you all today.  Words escape me...but, click here to read about darling Layla Grace. 

In her mother's own words..."Perhaps the end to an earthly body and the beginning to a heavenly one. Still God can heal her and bring her back from the brink."

Her mother also shared a poem that was written for Layla Grace and it is moving and so true.

Layla Grace, Layla Grace, with your sweet sweet smile and your angel face
You have moved many while running your race, darling Layla Grace
Though you are young and your years be few
God’s doing wonderous things through you
In present times we don’t understand
It can be hard to see His hand
But we know it’s part of a greater plan
We believe this to be true

For those on the outside looking in
We see a giant girlish grin
It’s hard to fathom endurance so great
And the fiesty fight of this featherweight
In the midst of suffering and enormous pain
Your parent’s steadfast faith remains
What a testament to all who view
The trials you are going through

We pray for a miracle, Lord once more
Pray more fervrently than we’ve ever prayed before
Have mercy on your witness small
Bring healing, peace, and rest above all
Lord, you alone know what’s to come
Bring peace and healing to everyone

To all of whom this girl did hear
Whether distanced far or nestled near
You’ve blessed us with a heavenly light
Her courage shining bold and bright
Bring her family peace tonight
Steady their ship and steer

And if you call this wee one home
No longer on this earth to roam
If her moments left are fleeting, brief
Comfort us admist our grief
Remind us of your perfect will
Hold us firmly, planted still
Let our hearts remain aware
That she is in your loving care

You will hold her tiny hand
And guide her through Your glory land
No more need for her to cry
As you sing her heaven’s lullabies
And rock her gently in your arms
Untouchable to hurt or harm

What a special treasure made in You
This precious child with eyes bright blue
A shining reflection of your glorious face
Lord, Thank you tonight for Layla Grace

For each measured moment before family may part
Make sweet cherished memories to keep in their hearts
She’s made this world such a brighter place.
Lord, Thank you tonight for sweet Layla Grace.

For yesterday...

If I was complaining to my mom yesterday...this is what she would have said!

{Image and Inspiration via}

Monday, February 22, 2010

National Margarita Day?

Say what??????????  Who forgot to send me the memo??????????? 

That is MY drink!!!!  And I have had a suck-ass day.  In case you cannot tell...I never say suck-ass, so I do apologize for that. 

Now I need a...

And if I could drink that here...

{image via}

...I am sure it would help my foul mood!

Manic Monday - 17th edition

You never know where you'll be when your life starts;
There are millions of people in the world,
but when it comes down to it there's only ONE.
I still panic sometimes and forget to breathe,

but then I realize;
There's a certain beauty in all my imperfections.
A beauty that only he holds up for me to see.
One that can not be touched, only felt from within.
Only by someone who truly cares for me.

~ Crazy/Beautiful
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