Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh my ears!

Layla was complaining that her "neck hurt" this morning...on top of what has been a lingering cough.  Parent instinct just said, "take her in!"

Sure enough...right ear filled with pus!!!!  And her lungs sound "really bad" per Dr. Wonderful!

So, we are on antibiotics and an oral steroid.  I hate giving her those...but, this is only the second time since she was born...I trust Dr. Wonderful whole heartedly so it starts...

We always appreciate prayers! 

Layla was so grown up with the appointment today.  Very calm.  She now associates going to see Dr. Wonderful* as "making her feel better," which is lovely.  It is not traumatic like it used to be.  She opened her mouth and sai "ahhhhh."  Told her where it was just a huge milestone.  So sweet!

*Real name not given for privacy reasons.*

On a totally unrelated note...I love how Layla says batteries.

It is BAD-DA-DEES!  We need some bad-da-dees, momma!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

LOL, the batteries comment is cracking me up! SHe is so darn cute!

Lots of prayers being sent ya'lls way. I hope your little one is feeling a bit better today.

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