Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fun FAT Tuesday to ya!

Yes, it is FAT TUESDAY...in case you are a turtle and live in a shell?!?!

Drew Brees - QB for Saints - in Parade

Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday when you convert French = English.  And it is referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which starts on Ash Wednesday, tomorrow. 

I have only been to New Orleans one time....and boy did I LOVE it!!!  I mean, I wanted to move there and my other half thought I was NUTS!  Like...these ladies...type of nuts!

Seriously?  Just. Plain. Wrong. All. Types. Of. Wrong!

But, this was circa 2003, prior to devestation of Katrina.  (Not the picture, but when I wanted to move to NOLA.)  I wanna go back.  Did I mentioned I loved that city?  The food, the city, the architecture, the people, and their accent!  Love it.

Celebrate Mardi Gras!  Celebrity Style!

The lovely Harry Connick, Jr.

Britney Spears...wait, I think this is an old pic?

Whoopi and Debbie Allen

Ashton Kutcher

The Prince???  Okay.

But, this is what I personally think about when it comes to Mardi Gras!  New Orleans Style!

Everybody enjoy! 


Melissa said...

You know, I have never been to NOLA or Mardi Gras? Must fix this immediately. Thanks for the reminder of Fat Tuesday. I will surely be having too much food today!

Jacquelyn Reese Baby, Kids and Home said...

That Budweiser frog picture is so wrong.

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