Monday, February 28, 2011

on to the Oscar's...or at least the fashion!

You know I had to do it.  All I really watched was the Red Carpet...and about 30 minutes of the Awards show before I was all, "what do I have recorded?"  Bor-ing!!!!!

But, here are my favorite fashions of the evening....

Without a doubt, Mila Kunis takes the best dressed award....stunning.  Glowing, so lovely.  Yet, it is edgy with the boob lavender lace....

And I don't even know who this lady is.  I am sorry...I don't watch too many movies.  But, when I saw the dress scan by her on the Red Carpet, I was all, "Oh my...that is hawtness right there."  As in the that is my runner up. 

Once again...not too sure who this lil lady is, but she is picture perfect!  Very age appropriate...go girl!

The top three were my favorites, but I adore Halle.  She always looks so pretty.  But, this is pretty predictable, no?  Still uber gorgeous. 

Anne looked stunning.  Although she seemed very, I-am-just-gonna-giggle-because-I-am-super-nervous nervous! 

And Jennifer Hudson?!?  Where did you go to? know the old saying, a little bit goes a long way.  Yeah.  I hope she remembers that....enough with the weight loss!!!!! 

It was a very nude filled evening.  As in the evening the pops of color were refreshing to see!  I did prefer Natalie's dress over the Golden Globe fugly flower frock!  So, kudos.   Bring on the bay-bay!

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Manic Monday - 02.28.11

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. 


Never excuse yourself.


~ Henry Ward Beecher

Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Texan Day

The Houston Rodeo Kick-Off is in full gear!!!!  We are so excited....we love LOVE love Rodeo Houston time.  So, today, Friday, is Go Texan Day - where everyone....well, all the fun people - dress up western.  {Nope, sorry MOST of us wear regular clothes every other day just like the rest of boots and horse rides into work, like some people still believe!}

I've got my get-up on!  Of course, sassy britches does too.  But, I really wish I had MY boots I ordered last night....

But, HEY!  At least they will arrive before I go to the Rodeo, and more importantly - before I depart for my New Mexico vacation NEXT week!!!!!

Aren't they gorgeous?!?  I fell in love....a long time ago....and now they are mine.  ALL.MINE!!!!!

Giddy up ya'll and have a dirt-kickin'-good-time weekend. 



From the last week I was sick.  And mainly house ridden.

{Richard's pops with our dog, Sammie}

{My buttercup keeping me company}

{BOTH of their faces crack me up, so why not?!}

{My rock star.  She was jamming out!}

{Up, up and away!}

{I killed myself for 20 mins. so the kid could fly her kite.  Yep, I am a rock star too!  Thought you knew.}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday - a Girls' Weekend

In honor of feeling the slightest bit alive since last Thursday...and in the spirit of my upcoming girls' weekend...I bring you my 1st Pink & Green Thursday in a very, very - way too long - time! 

I am hoping my weekend, or at least parts of it, will include images similar to these....

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Friday, February 18, 2011

For Thought on Friday - 02.18.11

Throw back the shoulders,

let the heart sing,

let the eyes flash,

let the mind be lifted up,

look upward and say to yourself...

Nothing is impossible!

~ Norman Vincent Peale
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Layla in mommy's shoes

We are young and we are trying to fill big shoes.

We have got to learn to walk in those shoes but they are trying to run.

~ David Lane

Thursday, February 17, 2011

God is working

I know He never stops working.  In each of us.  Daily.

But, sometimes it is easier to see Him.  Hear Him.  Easier than other times. 

He has all week.  And that is not a bad thing!  It's a great thing.  It's something I need/want/long for right now.  Always, really. 

But, He is working in me.  Helping me to see clearer. 

I have been following this inspirational lady and her story of joy, loss, grief and healing. 

And her words always touch me.  Today, they penetrated my soul.  She wrote,

Grief and loss come for us all in one form or another sooner or later.


Not a single one of us chooses it, but I honestly believe we can make a choice in how we respond.


We can sweep it under the rug, pretend like it never happened, like it doesn't faze us in the least, hoping we can hold our breath and duck our heads underwater until the storm passes.


Or we can stare it in the face, welcome it, embrace it, because this is also what it means to be fully alive, to be one who loves.


Kirsten Michelle Petermann is living proof of the latter.  And I thank her for entering my life through this crazy world we call BlogLand.  I am, and will forever be, changed by her life experiences.  And her eloquent and inspiring words. 

playing with my new toy...and just playing

I mentioned in my previous post that I got a new camera!  I have been so blessed to have wonderful photographer friends that, for the last - 8 months or so - have loaned me high tech cameras to practice on.  I only, within the last year or two, have fallen in love with photography.  And nice cameras are expensive.  I wanted to make sure this wasn't a phase I was going through before I committed to an expensive camera. 

It is clear now.  I LOVE photography.  So I went in...and with my mom and dad's a Nikon D3100.  And so far I love it!  There is so much for me to learn....but I am on my way.

What better way to practice than on other subjects?!  Rather than Layla who hates when I follow her around with the camera.  So, I got lucky when Richard had a friend come to town last weekend.  With his wife and four boys.  You read that right!  FOUR BOYS!  Whew....practice, indeed!

Oh!  Now that everyone is cheesin' at the camera...someone got into the spirit! 

{remember me?}

We decided to get the kids out and about on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather...and there was a carnival set up not too far we drop by for some fun! 

{I wanna adopt him...just sayin'!}

{I soooo wanted a funnel cake, but I avoided those 770 calorie killers...just sayin'!}

{Looks like Layla will be a future cheerleader...just sayin'!}

{Someone looks super excited....just sayin'!}

And you know the adults had to get their FREAK OUT on too.  A lil big time CRAY-ZAY ride!!!! 

{The beginning}

{The end...scared sh*tless...and completely quiet....just sayin'!}

{Layla thinking, "I think I'll skip that one..."}

And after a long, and fun, and gorgeous, and exhausting day.... was time to call it quits! 

{You can call us the Chuck Taylor Family...just sayin'!}
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