Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Texan Day

The Houston Rodeo Kick-Off is in full gear!!!!  We are so excited....we love LOVE love Rodeo Houston time.  So, today, Friday, is Go Texan Day - where everyone....well, all the fun people - dress up western.  {Nope, sorry MOST of us wear regular clothes every other day just like the rest of boots and horse rides into work, like some people still believe!}

I've got my get-up on!  Of course, sassy britches does too.  But, I really wish I had MY boots I ordered last night....

But, HEY!  At least they will arrive before I go to the Rodeo, and more importantly - before I depart for my New Mexico vacation NEXT week!!!!!

Aren't they gorgeous?!?  I fell in love....a long time ago....and now they are mine.  ALL.MINE!!!!!

Giddy up ya'll and have a dirt-kickin'-good-time weekend. 



Ashley said...

Have fun cow girl!

Tiffany said...

Ha1 Both you and my sis had the same blog title. I guess it's because you both live in H-town. We miss rodeo season.

Your pics below are GREAT! I especially love the kite pics. Miss Red Curlz has some crazy curlz!! She is such a doll. <3

georgia~gigi said...

Oh, where are the pics of you and Miss Thang? I bet you wil Rock those boots ( Love em) I hope you have an Awesome Vacation!
Take lots of pics!
love ya
gi gi

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