Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my baby is in the new issue of Babiekins Magazine!

I love "flipping" through the pages of Babiekins Magazine.  Priscila, the powerhouse behind this fun, spunky, delightful and inspirational online magazine is a fabulous lady!  So fabulous, in fact, she featured little miss red head herself in the latest issue...out NOW!

Click here to check out the entire issue.  It is so much fun, pinky promise. 

Or click here to see what she and her awesome counterparts did for my lil cherry!

I just love it.  Thank you ladies. 


Melissa said...

lip boss! I love it! Ah! She is just too cute for words.

If you don't ever, ever, ever, want her {you're thinking...pfft, like whatever Melissa} I'll take her!

Tiffany said...

Love it!!! Sassyfrass red curlz.

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Meli Girl :)
Oh, I love it!!!! Such fun! I bet you are just beaming!
Love ya
gi gi

Jacquelyn Reese Baby, Kids and Home said...


Had no idea this mag existed. Your munchkin looks beautiful! Watch out Page Parkes!

Tiffany said...

Aw how neat! She is precious!

Tia said...

I bet she LOVED that! So cute!!

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