Friday, August 31, 2012

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Here I am again.  With so much that has happened.  While I doubt I have "readers" anymore...I am still documenting my life for me.  And for Layla.  And for those that do love me to look back on...

So here goes!

We've had a lot of good-bye's in the last few weeks.  Her first and only school from 3 months on....

That was a bitter sweet, SAD, good-bye.  I just knew I would cry through all of this.  But, I was stronger than I realized.  

Layla is just like her momma.  She puts up a strong front while saying good-bye to all her friends and teachers, but as soon as we got to a "safe place" - the tears began.  I was backing out of the parking lot, and she muttered, "I am probably really gonna miss this school."  And bring on the waterworks.  The snot.  She was a mess.  I felt so sad for her, but reassured her she would love her new school just as much!

But, I gave her a hug.  Told it was okay to miss them and we would come back and visit.  I handed her a tissue to wipe the tears and snot and told her to touch up her make-up.  lol!  And all was well in the world again.

Then it was off to meet the teacher....and even though Layla said, "I am scared!"  Why?  "Because I don't know how to study!"  #sheisariot

She loves her new teacher and handled her first day, first week of school like a champ!  Such a relief for this momma.  :)  

And even though she is making new friends, "but can't remember their names."  Apparently she is good at remembering who you are when you are not nice.  She told us on Wednesday, "Isaiah Buck called me a baby.  And I told him, 'I am NOT a baby!'"  #mygirl  

In other warrior of a grandma is still hanging tough.  It's what we do.

Happy Labor Day to you all!

Monday, August 13, 2012

This Manic Monday calls for a Meli Monday

Here I am.  Just another Manic Monday.  Ohhhh ohhh....I wish it were Sunday.  'Cause that's my funday.  {had to.}

So anyway....I don't come 'round these here parts very often anymore.  In case you noticed.  In case anyone is still reading.  {hello?  anyone...}

While I still have a whole lot going on...I don't have much free time.  Here's a picture breakdown for you...because pictures speak a thousand words {or so they say} and I just can't find the time.  {This Meli Monday is brought to you via GiGi's suggestion.}

{first there was this.  Layla turned 5!}

So this Five-Year-Old Family celebrated the best way we knew how.  And now are damn near broke because of the extravagance.  Worth it?  You betcha!

{momma and her girl}

{THE five year old!}

{daddy and his girl}

And then came this...

Yes, that is my car.  With a very broken driver side window.  Thank you asshat.  Some people suck.  Real bad-like. 

But not enough to keep us from taking our girl to see The Lion King Off Broadway. 

{She loved it.}

{And so did we.}

She is rocking at gymnastics...and we will soon have to find her a new gym to train and continue learning.  Sad about this one...

And I can't recall...did I mention she is F.I.V.E. now!?!

Oh I did!?!  Isn't she special?

I think so!  And I can't believe she is five freakin' years old already...I wish she would just STOP!  {ha!  get it?}

But I know she won't.  And she also won't stop loving ladybugs and acorns any.time.soon!

Oh so true....we register her for Kindergarten tomorrow!

Momma is soooo not ready for all this!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Manic Monday - 08.06.12

I am mentally preparing myself for the five-year-old mind.

I want to come down to their physical limitations

and up to their sense of wonder and awe.

~ Shinichi Suzuki

Friday, August 3, 2012

today vs. tomorrow

Two of my favorite bloggers have helped me realize that I need not worry about tomorrow.  Appreciate today.  So true.  Funny how when you need those reminders....there they are!  Thank you

You see the sweetie pie above?  Yeah, she turns FIVE, tomorrow.  Not today.  That would be my sister, Michele, today.  Happy birthday big sis!  Hope it is all that and a bag of skittles. 

{Thank you, Tiavia}

So today I will not freak out about the cray cray party I have planed for tomorrow.  No.  I will save that for tomorrow.  Completely makes sense. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

have I mentioned the crazy!?!

My world is absolute insanity right now!  And I am longing for these "boring" and quiet Oklahoma days again...

Did you know many {mainly Hispanic} 15 year old girls celebrate what is know as a Quinceanera?  They are celebrating becoming a young woman.  This stuff is like a mini wedding, as far as expense goes.  And dresses, and standing parties....

{typical quinceanera dress}

I've stood in many a quinceanera in my days.  I am from San Antonio, Texas, afterall. 

Well, my friends....I am currently planning my soon-to-be FIVE year old daughter a mini CINCO year-agh party!!!!  Get it?  Yeah, it is over the top and completely breaking me.

But, you should all know at this point....I'd do just about anything for my baby girl!  I mean, just look at that face!!!! 

6 months then.  Almost FIVE years old now.  **sniff sniff*

Pray for me.  It is on Saturday.  I will post all details next week.  It should be a rootin' tootin' good ole time ya'll!!!! 
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