Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Monday - 01.31.11

Grease is the only cure for a hangover.

~ Cameron Diaz

p.s. Yes, my Saturday night is still puttin' the hurtin' on me.  Yes, I am getting old.  Yes, it is official.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

and I'm off

Hey guys!  I am still here....are ya'll still hangin' around to see what boring things I shall blog about today?!?

I actually have a super fun weekend in store for MOI!  Yes, me!  Not for Layla.  Well, she actually does too.  But, today I am FOCUSING on ME!!!!!!  **wink**

And that does not happen often around these here parts.  Sounds totally Texan, no? 

Anywho.  We have lots of celebrations going on this weekend.  My niece, Miss Addison Mae, will be celebrating her 1st birthday!!!! 

With a monkey party, no less....really looking forward to seeing what she does with the cake!!!  I love 1st fun!

This is what Layla did at her 1st birthday party!  Ahhhhh the memories!

She got a little overwhelmed with everyone staring at her when it came time to open presents.  Bless her sweet lil heart!  She still doesn't care for too much attention.  Which is funny....because she gets it HARD when we are out and about....everybody loves that RED hair!!! 

Ugh!  Would you just look at the rolls on those legs????  I just wanna grab em.  'Cuz they aren't there anymore.  Not even a lasting sad.  **sniffles**  Up until a few months ago, she still had a crease in her leg where that big first roll started.  Not anymore.  She has firm lil gymnasts legs now.  Growing happens fast!

Sorry, I got sidetracked.  FOCUS!  Right?  Ha.

So, yep!  Fun times this weekend.  After we attend Addison's party in Victoria, we will head back to San Antonio, where Layla is spending the night with my parents and her cousins, Paige and Ethan!  She is so excited....and so is momma!  'Cuz I am going to tear up the town!!!!!!!!!!!!


With a lot of those types of drinks...for my friend's surprise birthday party!  He is coming in from Georgia, to San Antonio, and we are going to surprise him for his b-day!!!  I am so excited to do so....I have not seen this guy in like, I don't know???  10 YEARS!!!!!  Seriously.  I really am that old.  **wink**

We are beginning the evening at CoCo Lounge, which looks really cool and laid back. 

So, yeah!  That is what it is.  For this weekend.  So, I am off for now....hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!!!  And I hope I have the same.

I will be FOCUSING on this....



...and this...



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The truth of it all...


I did not plan on taking a break from blogging, but that is what is happening now. 

Late in the year 2010, I was all over the place mentally.  No I am not talking about a mental breakdown or anything.  I just had scattered thoughts.  All.the.time!!!  I know Layla's heart had alot to do with that....


And people bloggers kept asking what your ONE WORD for 2011 is gonna be.  I had not thought about it at the time.  But, I did ponder it for a while...

And I decided my ONE WORD....which is hard to narrow down, by the way....for 2011 is...



So that is what I am doing. 

Focusing on things that matter.  Focusing more at work.  Focusing on the things I can do to make me a better me.  FOCUS!

I love my blog.  And I love reading other blogs.  I still do, actually. 

But, this FOCUS thing, for whatever reason, has pulled me away from my blog. 

My blog has morphed many times since I started writing back in 2009.  And I suppose that is what is going to happen now?  Again?!?  I am not sure? 

But, I know much of my free time I now spend...IN FOCUS!


And I like it. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Manic Monday - 01.24.11

Don't dwell on what went wrong.

Instead, focus on what to do next.

Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.

~ Denis Waitley
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Wrong!

This whole week has just been WRONG! 

1.  Too busy.
2.  Too busy at work.
3.  And then this...


JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm still...

...right here. 

In case you were wondering!  I love ya'll and miss ya'll!  Will catch up on the bloggy-blogs real soon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

You know I have to talk about the Globes...

With all due respect to MLK Jr. and everything he stood for, stands for and means to me, personally, and our do realize what happened last night, don't you?

Why THE Golden Globes were on!!!???!!!

For a run down on the highs and lows, click here.  Me, myself?  I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious.  Even when I was cringing, looking around my living room before I laughed.  You know....just in case anyone was looking.  Judge for yourself.  His ruthless jokes can be found here.  Go ahead....go laugh for a bit.  Or cringe.  Or both.  Like I did.

I am skipping over the frightful.  Except for this....

Helena Bonham Carter.  'Nuff said, right?  Or shown, in this case?

I prefer to showcase the gorgeous dresses....not the fugly ones.  So, off we go....

Emma Stone was one of my favorites of the evening.  I adore the coral color.  She stood out - in something other than emerald green - and that is a good thing. 

But, speaking of emerald green.  My favorite who wore the hue the best?  Mrs. Catherine Zeta Jones.  Stunning.  As was her daper - cancer free - man, Mr. Michael Douglas. 

Nude shades and sparkly numbers were also high in demand.  Many wore it.  But, not much better than Jennifer Lopez, in my opinion.  It looked stunning while presenting....wish I could have found a pic.

Love Anne Hathaway.  Love this dress....minus the huge 80's shoulder pads.  Ick.

And then my always lovely - Texas favorite - Sandra Bullock.  It is hard to do wrong being Miss Sandra.  At least that is what I believe.  But, ugh - THOSE BANGS!!!!  Who did that to her?  The dress is fabulous times 100, but the hair totally killed the look.  And I would totally kill my hairdresser for that!  Justified.

And Mila Jovovich killed this look.  Yes she did.  The hair.  The dress.  The make up and jewelry.  All dead on. Perfect!

Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker looked spectacular.  Some say she played it safe.  I say the b*tch rocked it!!!  Now what?  {b*tch is a term I use for only my fiercest-I-love-a-lots!!!!}

Not usually a fan of Barbie look-a-like gowns, but Olivia Wilde works it well.  She's so young, I would have preferred something more fun, but, ah, can't win em all!

I don't usually get into the men too much.  Hahahah....let me rephrase that!  I don't dabble in men's fashion...well, because a tux is just that.  Most of the time.  But, these men are worthy of making the cut.  Of my glorious blog!

RDJ!  'Nuff said.  Love!  Sobriety looks good on him. 

And swoon city!!!!  Mr. Brad Pitt.  With something awfully green and matronly looking on his arm. 

While, Mr. Chris "Screw that!" Colfer is just a sweetheart.  He was representin' for all the GLEEKS!  In full effect.  So cute....

Biggest let down of the night?  I am sure you guessed it.  I was waiting for her.  Them.  It.  It, being the dress.  That framed the cute lil Black Swan baby bump!!!!!  Natalie Portman.  What a let down?!?!

I love her.  She always nails it.  Rephrase.  She usually nails it.  And she missed the boat last night.  So sad.  Terribly sad.  But, it is an awards's move on!

Have a wonderful MLK, Jr. Day! 
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