Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my boi is the Hottest in The City

I know I professed my love for this boi in December...

....but I just gotsta do it again.

Of course, your eyes tell you he's a Q-T.  We can all see that. 

But dude is completely talented.  His lyrics are fast, but understandable.  I am really diggin' him....and his style.

I think ya'll will begin to see him poppin' up around your 'hood.  Take a listen....

Hottest in The City ~ Marcus Manchild
featuring Slim Thugga and J-Dawg

Super High ~ Marcus Manchild


georgia~gigi said...

Happy Tuesday Meli Girl!
You crack me up!
So glad you liked your b-day post!
I was kinda hoping you would ;)
Hope you are having a super duper day!
gi gi

blueviolet said...

You have good taste!

bananas. said...

is that really his name? manchild?? that's awesome.

frenchie is actually still a blog friend turned friend. she's about the only one that didn't turn out cray cray. furreal.

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