Thursday, January 27, 2011

and I'm off

Hey guys!  I am still here....are ya'll still hangin' around to see what boring things I shall blog about today?!?

I actually have a super fun weekend in store for MOI!  Yes, me!  Not for Layla.  Well, she actually does too.  But, today I am FOCUSING on ME!!!!!!  **wink**

And that does not happen often around these here parts.  Sounds totally Texan, no? 

Anywho.  We have lots of celebrations going on this weekend.  My niece, Miss Addison Mae, will be celebrating her 1st birthday!!!! 

With a monkey party, no less....really looking forward to seeing what she does with the cake!!!  I love 1st fun!

This is what Layla did at her 1st birthday party!  Ahhhhh the memories!

She got a little overwhelmed with everyone staring at her when it came time to open presents.  Bless her sweet lil heart!  She still doesn't care for too much attention.  Which is funny....because she gets it HARD when we are out and about....everybody loves that RED hair!!! 

Ugh!  Would you just look at the rolls on those legs????  I just wanna grab em.  'Cuz they aren't there anymore.  Not even a lasting sad.  **sniffles**  Up until a few months ago, she still had a crease in her leg where that big first roll started.  Not anymore.  She has firm lil gymnasts legs now.  Growing happens fast!

Sorry, I got sidetracked.  FOCUS!  Right?  Ha.

So, yep!  Fun times this weekend.  After we attend Addison's party in Victoria, we will head back to San Antonio, where Layla is spending the night with my parents and her cousins, Paige and Ethan!  She is so excited....and so is momma!  'Cuz I am going to tear up the town!!!!!!!!!!!!


With a lot of those types of drinks...for my friend's surprise birthday party!  He is coming in from Georgia, to San Antonio, and we are going to surprise him for his b-day!!!  I am so excited to do so....I have not seen this guy in like, I don't know???  10 YEARS!!!!!  Seriously.  I really am that old.  **wink**

We are beginning the evening at CoCo Lounge, which looks really cool and laid back. 

So, yeah!  That is what it is.  For this weekend.  So, I am off for now....hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!!!  And I hope I have the same.

I will be FOCUSING on this....



...and this...




Ashley said...

haha, sounds like you are gonna have yourself one fun weekend missy! CoCo Lounge looks pretty nice! have a great time and shake whatca mama gave ya! ;)

Tiffany said...

Hip, hip hooray! Have fun and be safe. xoxox

Melissa said...

CoCo Lounge is SO awesome. And the drinks? Devine! You have yourself a good ol' time :)

p.s. those rolls go away? Really? {sniff, sniff} I love V's rolls :(

bananas. said...

mama you best take a TON of pictures!!! focus, focus, FOCUS your little heart away! hahaha! can't wait to see the whoa fitter ;)

Smolder Me said...

you're niece is soo cute! =) love your blog too...following you now! =)
xoxo cheryl

coolkids said...

mm those drinks look yummy! have fun!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

I can imagine your sweet girl ALWAYS gets a lot of attention!!! Her hair is seriously gorgeous!!! And I don't think I've ever seen a cuter 1 year old...ever...


Snake Charmer said...

OMG im stuck studying all weekend please have mucho fun and post about it :D

fashion provocateur said...

awee cute! have a good time :)
are you from texas! i ve always wanted to go there love the southern accent!!
great blog and goodluck :)

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