Monday, January 17, 2011

You know I have to talk about the Globes...

With all due respect to MLK Jr. and everything he stood for, stands for and means to me, personally, and our do realize what happened last night, don't you?

Why THE Golden Globes were on!!!???!!!

For a run down on the highs and lows, click here.  Me, myself?  I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious.  Even when I was cringing, looking around my living room before I laughed.  You know....just in case anyone was looking.  Judge for yourself.  His ruthless jokes can be found here.  Go ahead....go laugh for a bit.  Or cringe.  Or both.  Like I did.

I am skipping over the frightful.  Except for this....

Helena Bonham Carter.  'Nuff said, right?  Or shown, in this case?

I prefer to showcase the gorgeous dresses....not the fugly ones.  So, off we go....

Emma Stone was one of my favorites of the evening.  I adore the coral color.  She stood out - in something other than emerald green - and that is a good thing. 

But, speaking of emerald green.  My favorite who wore the hue the best?  Mrs. Catherine Zeta Jones.  Stunning.  As was her daper - cancer free - man, Mr. Michael Douglas. 

Nude shades and sparkly numbers were also high in demand.  Many wore it.  But, not much better than Jennifer Lopez, in my opinion.  It looked stunning while presenting....wish I could have found a pic.

Love Anne Hathaway.  Love this dress....minus the huge 80's shoulder pads.  Ick.

And then my always lovely - Texas favorite - Sandra Bullock.  It is hard to do wrong being Miss Sandra.  At least that is what I believe.  But, ugh - THOSE BANGS!!!!  Who did that to her?  The dress is fabulous times 100, but the hair totally killed the look.  And I would totally kill my hairdresser for that!  Justified.

And Mila Jovovich killed this look.  Yes she did.  The hair.  The dress.  The make up and jewelry.  All dead on. Perfect!

Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker looked spectacular.  Some say she played it safe.  I say the b*tch rocked it!!!  Now what?  {b*tch is a term I use for only my fiercest-I-love-a-lots!!!!}

Not usually a fan of Barbie look-a-like gowns, but Olivia Wilde works it well.  She's so young, I would have preferred something more fun, but, ah, can't win em all!

I don't usually get into the men too much.  Hahahah....let me rephrase that!  I don't dabble in men's fashion...well, because a tux is just that.  Most of the time.  But, these men are worthy of making the cut.  Of my glorious blog!

RDJ!  'Nuff said.  Love!  Sobriety looks good on him. 

And swoon city!!!!  Mr. Brad Pitt.  With something awfully green and matronly looking on his arm. 

While, Mr. Chris "Screw that!" Colfer is just a sweetheart.  He was representin' for all the GLEEKS!  In full effect.  So cute....

Biggest let down of the night?  I am sure you guessed it.  I was waiting for her.  Them.  It.  It, being the dress.  That framed the cute lil Black Swan baby bump!!!!!  Natalie Portman.  What a let down?!?!

I love her.  She always nails it.  Rephrase.  She usually nails it.  And she missed the boat last night.  So sad.  Terribly sad.  But, it is an awards's move on!

Have a wonderful MLK, Jr. Day! 


Melissa said...

I loved Ricky. I really do hope they bring him back next year or for another award season. He's a riot.

Alright, I'm so glad you did this. I was thinking the same thing about Ema Stone. LOVED everything.

Ms. Sandra Bullock? Not so much. Those bangs were just eating her face! Come on Sandra.

And Mrs. Zeta -Jones. Lovely.

BTW, Angelina isn't looking so hot these days.

Ashley said...

I just love watching those awards show for the dresses...doesn't every girl? lol. I love the low plunging backs some of those ladies rocked. I like anything with the back out! J.Lo looked beautiful :)

Tiffany said...

Great commentary! It's night's like lastnight that I really miss our cable. I can't get the awards on Netflix, know what I mean? What was with the shoulder pads? I thought I noticed some small pads on Jolie's dress too. I was not a fan of her's at all. That was not a great look and will she ever do something different with her hair??

Love the coral backless. Great first choice.

I was also disappointed with Nat's maternity wear. Was not a fan of the rose applique. She usually does so much better.

No Model Lady said...

I loved Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone!! So spot-on!

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