Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There is a 1st time for everything...

...and for Layla this past weekend, it was roller skating!

The below two pictures crack me up!!!!  When Layla's face screams "Weeeeeeee!!!!!  Fun times!!!!" Richard's face looks worried.  And when Layla looks worried.....daddy is all "Weeeeee!!!!!  Fun times!!!" 

So, it was probably most certainly somewhere in the middle.  It was fun.  But, let's face it - roller skating takes some skill.  And practice.  So after about 5 minutes of skating, it was then off to the...

Scooter races!  Ha.  I love that this rink let the kids bring in scooters or lil riders. 

I'll admit, roller skating did NOT come back to me as easily as I would have imagined.  I mean...I did roller skate almost every Friday and Saturday of my middle school years, for Heaven's sake!  Those pesky few years that snuck in between robbed me of my skills.  Those few years....hahahahaha!  Well that, and that lil boy you see in the pic.  He was out to destroy me!  I don't even know who he is....but he was hell bent on running me over.  Why!?!  I'd like to know too....

Of course Richard was all, "I am so cool.  Not only can I still skate fast and steadily, but I can also skate backwards and talk on the phone.  I am cool!"  What the hell!?! 

So.not.fair!  He has a free ride and I get to rally with this lil one...

I know you see my mad skills you see my feet!?!  I was turning around because I felt him on my heels...he was ruthless.  I am not lying.  He was having a ball, that's for sure!

Look!  He is patiently waiting....TO ATTACK ME AGAIN!!!!

Skating on...ha!  We were there to celebrate the 4th birthday of a dear friend, Miss Jacquelyn.  Isn't she just a lil doll?!  I love her to pieces. 

It was an ice cream social party.  And it was a hit! 

As were her sweet roller skates!  Lovin' the pom poms...

1-2-3-4....make a wish!!!!

{all images via my new Nikon D3100 - I love it!}


blueviolet said...

I really like that hold-on balance bar thing! That really helps. I don't remember anything like that as a kid!

What a great party!

No Model Lady said...

Love all the pics!! So fun:)

I just read your comment that you're from San Antonio!! Spouse is interviewing for jobs there next month! Did you like it there? Any must-visit spots? I've never even been to Texas! Email me!!

Melissa said...

LOL that WAS trying to cut you off. Hilarious. {well, not if you fell...obviously}

Man. How I wish I knew how to rollerskate!

p.s. rock on with your bad self & that camera!

Summer said...

Sooooo cute I laughed so hard at the expressions like you said when Layla was chillin her daddy was nervous and when he was chillin she was nervous hahahha I love that little bar thing to keep their balance, LOL that your hubs was riding your heels being all cool, next time totally show him you can rock it better hahahah you look so cute skating girl, I would have busted my hiney! Layla is presh and how cute that they could bring their scooter out on the rink...and no you didn't just bring me way back to old school weekend skate days and couple skate to boys II men hahahahha

OK so it warms my heart to know Layla's heart is ok and she is having so much fun and you don't have to worry!!

Oh and my friend Em she is ok, her parents took her blog down because of bad comments! Some people on here just have to be mean, it makes me sick...thanks for asking sweet girl, I did a post awhile back explaining about it, but since she is a minor I always get her mum's permission before I do updates

loves ya

Summer said...

blogger is being a meanie Lol I totally commented and it didn't take it LOL! OK so the first two pics are priceless first Layla looks like she is chillin' and her daddy is nervous and then it looks like he is chillin and she is nervous....funny I love that they have a bar to steady them how he didn't ride your heels time you should skate backwards, text on your cell phone and ride his lol...

OK you are totally rocking the skates and you brought me way back reminding me of the Friday Sat night skate nights in Jr. High and couples skates to boyz to men hahahha
that is so funny

Glad ya'll had a great time at the party and it warms my heart to see Layla having so much fun and you not having to worry about her heart because she is OK!! Whooo Hoooo

Oh about my friend Emily, I had did a post awhile back after I spoke with her mum and they had to delete her blog do to bad comments! She is doing fine, and once they give me an ok I will do another update post on her! Thanks for asking she is such a sweet strong girl, your prayers mean the world to her


Lindsey said...

So cute! I wish they had those when I was growing up! I was never too good at skating!! ha ha!

georgia~gigi said...

Oh My Goodness!!!!! I LOVE this post, had me Rollin' (he he)
I love all the pics, especially the lil Sh!t boy! Ha ha, he does look like he is out to get you! He must have a crush on you :)
I use to Roller Skate in middle school too, oh the memories! I am pretty sure the few decades have diminished my skills! I could skate backwards too, barely :)
Looks like a fab party!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day Meli Love!
Big Smooch
gi gi

undomestic chica said...

Hilarious! Maybe he was trying to get to Layla through her mom? A budding romance in the making? I know how you feel about Rich, Boyfriend did the same things when we went ice skating a year ago. It's. So. not. Fair. I love that the rink lets kids bring scooters, and that they have the support things for new skaters. Our local rink just made kids hug the wall for dear life as they skated along.

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