Thursday, February 10, 2011

I try not to HATE, but....

I really DESPISE, that's a more accurate word....

When you are speaking to someone.  Who KNOWS you are speaking to them.  And they straight up ignore you, or never look at you, acknowledge you - NOTHING!  Can't.Stand.That!!!!!


Granted.  This happens to me the most from one person.  Whom I work with.  And let's face it - we should be working.  And I am a chatter.  I can't help it! 

I need to just start talking to myself I suppose.  Oh, wait!  I already do that too.  Hmmm...


I guess I will just leave.em.alone.  It sure seems that is what they want. 

But, when they have a question, or a request, or even a funny to share on the internet, I always stop what I am doing and either help out or go have a laugh! 

I don't know....I know everyone is different.  I welcome unexpected breaks.  Perhaps, they do not.

Thanks, I guess I just needed to vent.  It kinda hurts my feelings. 


I suppose I should just stop making myself so available all the time. 


Melissa said...

Um, don't they know how awesome you are? I know it hurts your feelings - would hurt mine too - but leave em alone. Their loss. {loser}

I'd totally talk to you if you worked with me :) Instead, I work with all men, and 1 gal - who don't like to talk. Bummer.

Tiffany said...

:( I would stop and enjoy a chat with you. Meanies suck.

georgia~gigi said...

Oh, how fun it would be to work with you :) I do think we would get into some trouble! I would be the janitor and your the accountant, so not sure how much we would see each other, lol!
Any who, I loved loved loved your comments yesterday! Jeremy and I would love to come, just have to see about that darn thing called money!
Love ya Meli Girl, I am sorry your feelings are hurt by the stick in the mud!
I love ya!!!!!
gi gi

zoe.k. said...

don't waist your energy on people such as him/her...
breath and let go!
that's what I do anyway, plus I curse on the inside then put on my headphones and listen to music :)

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