Friday, February 26, 2010

My Valentine and her box

Here is my little Valentine, well, on Valentine's Day!  And that furry thing...that's Sam-Sam.  Her right hand man dog. 

And he kept getting in the pics!  I love him and all, but I was trying to snap a V-Day pic of my lil' lovey. 

When Layla saw this picture...she said, "Sam-Sam has lights!"  Love it.

I put all of her Valentine's Day Cards for her classmates in this box, that Jenn gave me.  And, thus, all the cards she got, went in!  And she has not let go of that box yet!

She wanted to take it today, Februray 26th, for Show and Tell.  They gave them to you.  What are you gonna say about them????  Perhaps, thanks again? 


Tia said...

That is the cutest thing!!!
And that outfit rocks my socks off, by the way.
Love it!!

Nicole said...

Great use for Jenn's box! I love the Sam-Sam lights comment too! :)

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