Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I like this song, mommy!

Yesterday while me and lil' bit were at home sick...we had Stoic Blog music playlist providing the tunes while we were painting. 

And Layla LOVES music, just as much as me and her dad!  Heck, she knew most of Michael Jackson's songs before she could use whole sentences!  Seriously...and this is before his passing.

So, when Regina Spektor was playing Fedility, and Layla was "singing" - even though I am fairly confident she had never heard the song before - I knew this girl had a gift.  And talent.  And good taste in music. 

After the song was over, she said, "I like that song, mommy!"  And she has never told me that before.  It was sweet.  And she can rock out with the best of them to Single Ladies, Imma Be and numerous other songs that I know she loves.  So, I know this one is at the top of the list now.

I think a mix CD is in order for her!  And this will be the first song...

So, thanks Tia!


Tia said...

Ha!! Im glad little miss Layla liked it! Hopefully it made her feel a little better!
And a BIG thumbs up to your poppa, hope he is fully recovered asap!

Tiffany said...

music lover, artist and budding fashionista...what a gal!

Melissa said...

LOL - Such great taste in music!

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