Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up Again - Round???

Okay ya'll.  I've got my legs back...sorta.  At least I am out of shock now.  My dad will be going in for surgery soon, and I will be sure to update.  I would really appreciate any ongoing prayers....

Now, it is time to play catch up again.  I left off with Easter.  So sad.  And I am going to pick up with...wait for it...Easter.  Same weekend, different stuff.

Layla saw my nieces bike.  She wants one now.

I suppose it is time.  She learned how to petal, so I guess that is what comes after a trike.  But, she isn't even three yet.  Is that normal?

Check out my dad with the newest member of the family.  That is sweet Addison Mae.

Here is Rich getting his baby fix in.  No, we do not want # 2...

Loving Layla with Absolutely Adorable Addison!!!

And Addison's mommy, my baby sis, Kimberly.

Excuse Layla's look.  We had a terrible stomach bug from Good Friday on until the Monday after Easter.  No fun, I say.  NO fun at all.  Long story short.  Layla had a bout first thing Easter Sunday morning and I threw her in the bath tub before she could see what the Easter Bunny brought.... that is why you can see Layla.  And you can see her Easter Basket...

But, you cannot see them together because you would see more goodies, that you just don't need to see.  Moving on, shall we?

Check out Addison's goodies from THE bunny! 

Easter Egg Hunt - game on!!! 

Honey saying hello to Addi.  Addi saying hello to Honey. 

Good times, good times!!! 

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