Thursday, April 8, 2010

For my Summer B bisforbrown Summer.  A wonderful lady.  A loving daughter.  We are both praying really hard for our daddies.  And we would love your assistance.  Click here to read how you can help Summer out....I already did!  My first snail mail went out a few days ago...

Sum - I know this is extremely hard to deal with, expecially considering the surrounding circumstances you are fighting through.  The important part is that you are FIGHTING!  Kicking and screaming and crying - I say go for it!  Get it out.  So you can let the good flow back in.  I love you Summer Sunshine!!!!

This is for US!!!!!
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And never forget the power of prayer and its effects it has on us. 




And in case that still doesn't make you feel better....will this?  Perhaps?  I hope so!

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And if that still does not do the trick....I have a few of those pills that you are out of.  Those life saver kind of pills...yeah...I can snaill mail some...which is completely legal, I am sure!  Love you bunches girl. 

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Chin up!


Tia said...

Thinking lovely happy thoughts for you and Summer! Keep your chin up girls!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

this means so much to me. i am praying for your pops too. i am.


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