Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The ABC's of me...

The ABCs of me......

A. Area Code: 832, aka Houston, Texas
B. Bed Size: Queen
C. Chore you hate: Laundry

D. Dog’s Name: Sammie, aka Sam-Sam
E. Essential “start of the day” Item: MUSIC!!!
F. Favorite Color: Any shade of blue

G. Gold or Silver: All silver
H. Height: 5’4”
I. Instruments you play:  I can play tupperware drums like a m-effin riot!!! (Love Is anyone???  Anyone???) 

J. Job:  Professional Bean Counter, aka Accountant
K. Kids:  Uno, Layla!
L. Living Arrangements:  4 bedroom house, with Rich, Layla and Sam-Sam in Hou-stone!

M. Mom’s name: Jacqueline
N. Nickname:  Meli, Mel, Meli Faif, Lee, Mommy, Mom, Momma and Mel-icious (don't ask!)
O. Overnight Hospital Stay:  Yes, thanks to Layla....emergency C-Section.

P. Pet Peeve:  Fake people, bad drivers and superority.
Q. Quote from Movie:  By far the hardest....hmmm....

"Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it's everything in between that makes it all worth living."
~ Sandra Bullock in "Hope Floats"

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R. Righty or Lefty:  Righty
S. Siblings: Yes...I am the one in the middle!
T. Time you wake up:  around 7...too late!

U. Underwear:  Yes, thongs, but I prefer NONE!  Ha.
V. Veggie’s you dislike:  Celery...ick.
W. Ways/reasons you are late:  Waking up at 7!!! 

X. Xrays you’ve had:  Um, several.  Most memorable, broken right arm, 5 years old.
Y. Yummy food you make:  I love my meatloaf.
Z. Zoo animals you like:  Bears, monkeys and Lions!

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That was fun!  I would love to know more about you....fill it out and I will be sure to check it out.

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Johana Hill said...

I'm very tempted to write the ABCS of me!

You hate celery? Why?

bananas. said...

tupperware drums? wow. you're talented. i have never been able to conquer those ;)

undomestic chica said...

What I Got! Ha! I used to love that song, AND even better Blogger finally let me comment!

melifaif said...

It was hard to pick a veggie I hate. Celery is too stringy, in my opinion. Only good when smothered in Peanut Butter. 8-)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...


Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

Loved learning more about you Meli! I'm just now catching up on my fav blogs and read about your dad and just wanted to say I will say a prayer for yall, I know how hard it is from personal experience:)

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