Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a little FYI

I am going to begin a "One Word Wednesday" post tomorrow.  I will do my best to post one every Wednesday.  Hopefully it won't turn out like my Vacation Friday posts....oops! 

The way One Word Wednesday will work is...(Wow!  That is a lot of wa's!  Say that 3 times fast!)

1.  I will go to flickr.
2.  I will type in a word or phrase that is at the forefront of my mind.
3.  Then I will blindly pick a page #.
4.  Then I will blindly pick a photo - while my eyes are closed, I promise.
5.  Then I will upload the photo here on my blogspot.
6.  Then - you guessed it - I will pick one word, and ONE word only to name the picture. 
7.  I would love to hear your one word via a comment!

It will go something like this.


Okay.  Now tell me...what one word comes to YOUR mind when looking at that picture???

A little FYI.  I searched via flickr "soul awakening."  I will not usually share my word searches.  Just a little FYI.  I hope you guys enjoy this new venture! 

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