Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life Ain't Always All Peaches.

We all know life isn't fair
At least I was told that all my life. 

When I would start nagging to my mom
 for the latest fashions in my adolescence
 and couldn't always get them. 

I would say, "That's not fair!" 

Moms response -  


If I only knew then what I know now! 
She. Was. Absolutely. Right.


And now being a responsible adult
 with numerous
and precious loved ones
to care and provide for...

...I now understand and appreciate
my mother and father
and the sacrifices they made
year after year after year
to keep our family intact
happy (most of the time)
together and provided for. 
In abundance. 

I am blessed to have parents that raised myself
and my two sisters in a manner to understand
you have to work hard
for your success and wealth.

It isn't handed to you.
And it definitely does NOT grow on trees!

Blessed to have parents that showed us the importance of family togetherness
through our many wonderful camping trips and U.S. travels.

Parents that exemplified
moral goodness
giving back
and being kind to others.

They showed me so much
and they are the force behind why I am
a stable, caring, loving, good natured, accepting person,
daughter, sister, mother, partner and friend.

I try never to judge others.
Another example my parents instilled in me.

And when I say this
I believe I can speak for my sisters
as well.

You never know the struggles someone may be facing. 
So always be kinder then necessary.

Thanks mom and dad.

I could never express how much all of your
and guidance
has meant to my life.
My world.

But, unfortunately, still.


Life Ain't Always All Peaches.

Our family has had our share of
 quite a few rough years

Incredibly painful and profound losses of loved ones. 
Who cotinue to be in our daily thoughts and are missed so tremendously! 

But, we - I - you - us -
have no choice but to continue living
Living and cherishing who you DO have
here with you on this Earth now. 
Love them.  Always. 

And try not to worry so much about the things you have. 
In reality, things mean nothing
compared to your happiness

and those that you love
and hold dear to your heart. 

So, I guess the point of this post was
to just express that I am going through some tough times. 
Who isn't, right?
But, I KNOW I will get through them.

I feel my soul stirring
and I want to embark on something new.

Give more

Find happiness and joy in every day! 
Dispite the daily struggles.

Pursue my dreams of opening a Children's Boutique. 
I have so many dreams I pray come to fruition.

Nows the time I have to stand up and do it.

God as my guidance. 
Restorer of my faith

With the support of loved ones
 family and friends...I know I can get through anything.

I know I will.
So can you.

Prayers are always appreciated and welcomed!

God Bless each and every one of you reading this!

Many blessings.

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