Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Word Wednesday - 2nd Edition

Okay guys.  This is how my One Word Wednesdays work.

I grab a feeling from my mind.  On how I am actually feeling on this particular day.  Each Wednesday.  What is fun and interesting about this is...

This morning I felt one way and the word that came to mind was, annoyed.  (For the record, I will not usually share my feeling with you.)

But, I got extremely busy and my mood changed.  Therefore, my feelings changed.  And my word changed.

At any rate.  I think of one word and then I search flickr with that word.  I aimlessly pick out a photo.  And then post it here.

I will attach ONE WORD to the photo.  That one word represents to me, the best one word explaination of the picture. 

I would love for you all to share what ONE WORD comes to your mind when you see the picture I chose.   Please say you will play with me????

This will be my last explaination on how One Word Wednesday works.  So, please say you will play...

Here goes...


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