Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hurt

As much as I wish I could say the hurt has passed.  I cannot.

Juny's sister contacted me today via my blog because she came across some of my postings about his loss.  As touching as it is to hear from his family, it does not take the sting of the pain away.

I still miss my friend.  They still miss their baby brother.  Their son, their uncle and so much more.

As hurtful as Juny's loss was to me, I can only begin to imagine the profound, painful loss his family must feel?  My heart still aches for them.  Myself.  And all of his friends that loved him so dearly. 

Soon it will be one month.  One tragic month since my friends life was taken much too soon. 

I know better than to question God's Will.  But, somtimes it is hard for me to believe it was our God's hands that took Juny's life.  Those hands belong to another man.  Without question.

I am confident, however, that our God took ahold of Juny's hand that fateful day.  And he took him home.  To his eternal resting place. 

Where suffering does not exist.

Where happiness and praise is abundant.

Where ones soul is free.

In a true sign of God's Amazing Grace, I learned today that one of Juny's sisters is expecting a baby come January or February.  Ah...The Circle of Life.

She gave me goosebumps when she told me...

It's a boy! 

Not only will Juny's spirit continue to live on through all of the wonderful, cherished memories he left for us. 

But a very special piece of him will continue to live on in that little boys soul forever. 

Of that, I have great confidence.  And with that I find great comfort. 

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Anonymous said...

AMEN & Praise God! No matter what...Always remember God is Good! My brother is definately free and we will always remember that smile & loving, caring heart of gold of his! This baby will remind me of "Uncle" as the kids call him...
((as i smile big))

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