Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nursery Inspiration for Kimmy

So, as  you may have read, my little sister is due to have a baby girl come February!  We are all oh so excited and now that we know it is in fact a baby on!

Nursery planning is in full force!!  It is so fun to see what is new out there ~ compared to over two years ago when I was picking out the special pieces for my one of a kind nursery!

This post is just what I think would make for a gorgeous, delightful baby girls room and maybe, just maybe, my slightly indecisive baby sister will find it inspirational for her nursery design!

Room Inspiration - as seen here at Kenzie Poo Blog.

I just adore the light aqua walls, which create such a calming and happy atmosphere. 
With the white crib adding a crisp, clean look.  I have offered my white crib...**hint hint**. 
And the bold yellow and white bedding bumper just compliments the wall color perfectly.  So orginal.  And bold.  And beautiful.  I would perhaps use the below type of fabirc design instead to add a touch of classic elegance, versus the bold, modern design in the picture.

And, of course, I would suggest adding a custom monogram design to the bumper, in an aqua shade to compliment the walls.  My lovely friend, Vanessa, the creative power behind Jacquelyn Reese Baby, LLC and One Haute Kid Blog, will no doubt have a unique monogram idea in mind when she reads this posting!  Here are just some of her wonderful creations...

With a girly pink ruffle and ties on the bumper, because I think Kimberly would be tickled pink with that touch.  This would be my fabric suggestion.

In case we can't find a similar fabric in stores, it can be located here.
Bird Mobile - inspiration found at the same place, Kenzie Poo Blog.

I just love the small flower blooms attached to the branch!  But, instead of using the muted bird tones, I would suggest using brighter patterns.  Bright pinks or raspberry, turquoise, yellow and green birds.  Heck, we could even use these little birdies I came across on Flickr ~ that are available on etsy. 

Or we could create our very own custom birds ~ that could either match or all be unique in fabric or scrapbooking paper. 

Here is how to make those adorable fabric birds above, mom...

Going with the bright colors, and fine tuning the bird theme, I would suggest placing a tree wall decal on one wall, like this...

I think the white blossoms will tie into the white in the bedding and the white crib, and POP against the lovely aqua hue on the walls! 

We can hand paint some unique bird houses to hang near the tree.

And using some of the same fabrics on the bird mobile to make custom leaves and/or more birds to place in and around the tree.

I know I have not touched on the bedding quilt yet and that is because it could go oh so many ways!!!! 

Again, using some of the same fabrics used on the birds, we mom could create a quilt similar to this layout.

And I would suggest a ruffle for the border instead!  Perhaps another monogram?!?  Of course...

Or a silky mink-dot blanket could be equally as cute.  Created especially to coordinate with the room.  This one with the bird design is adorable, but only a suggestion.  The possibilities are endless.  Truly.

And you know I will simply enjoy making a special name creation for little miss...similar to this design...

Just so happens this little girls name might be Addison Mae, only time will tell!

I will probably lose Kimberly here with this yellow goddess that I first spotted in one of Vanessa's unbelievable designs, and you can located it Ikea.  Wouldn't it be a lovely compliment to her bedding and a stark contrast against the walls?

This piece can be forever painted and revived for years to come...perfect for the changing table now.  Add some fancy hardware and you are ready to go!  With plenty of extra space for lovelies. 

Paint this mirror the same bright yellow color as the in the below image, to bring on the girliness!

**I am seeing a lot of the same gorgeous colors in this room, like I am suggesting for the nursery.**

Of course there are a lot of finishing touches to add throughout the room, but I hope you get the feel I am going for in my inspiration! 

This colorful little Violet would be darling sitting in the crib.

And this sweet heart/bird door hanger brings all of the nursery colors and design theme together and would be the perfect last touch hanging on her bedroom door. 

Let me know what you think of it all?

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Ale said...

OMG I was researching ideas for my baby girls nursery and came accross your blog! You have the same ideas...and some really great ones!!!
Thats awesome. I see this is an older post. Did you get your nursery done?
I would love to see pictures!
Let me know...


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