Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh how Delight-ful!

Have you visited http://www.delight.com/?

If you haven't, you must do so now.  Well, not like right, right now!  At least finish reading my post!  Geesh.  Thank you.

They have so many fun things to offer.  But, what I really love about the site is that it has a plethora of gifts to choose from!  And they break them down in easy to find categories! 

From a hostess gift idea, to a baby shower gift idea, to teens and college gift ideas! 

Hey!  Sometimes it is hard to think of these kinds of things! 

How's this for a Hostess Gift?

What about a kid's gift?
How cute are these reuseable bags?

For a recent college student?
I adore these wallflowers.
To instantly snaz-up any wall!

For the In-Laws?
Always hard.
How about these Tabletopics?

 That's enough from me.  Go pick out your favorite items!  You will have plenty to choose from! 

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