Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Keith, Dee and Renee

I am sending happy birthday wishes, actually, early my cousins, Dee and Renee!  There birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I know if I didn't post it now, it wouldn't get done.  On.  Time.

But, TODAY is Keith's birthday!  And Keith is Dee's hubby!  So Happy Birthday to all of you guys!

I love you and hope your days are filled with lots of love, hugs, kisses and mounds of cake!

Wishing I could be there to celebrate.

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Dee said...

Thank you Melissa!!! Keith & I had a perfect 3 day birthday celebration! Friday we went out to dinner at Paesanos had Italian Ice and home to watch movies (just the 2 of us). Saturday I went to Luke's Celebration of Life and then we went to Benihana's with ...Renee, Jimmy, Lena, Pueschel and Christian. Sunday we went to Mom & Dad's for fajita's, all the fixings rice, beans & lots of cake (3 to be exact). Love You

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