Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Worldy Day

Me and small tot headed out to Discovery Green yesterday with no expectations other than to enjoy the beautifulness that was yesterday.  And Friday.  And today.  We are getting spoiled around here! 

The weather doesn't get much better than sunny skies, slight breeze and about 75 degrees!  At least not for me.  How 'bout you?

I was happily surprised when we arrived to see hundreds and hundreds, okay.  Not really.  There were quite a  few (50) huge, colorful, inspirational, beautiful, green Earths all over the park!!! 

Turns out, Cool Globes: Hot Ideas For A Cooler Planet Art Exhibit is on display until January 2010.  If you live in or around the Houston area, I urge you to check it out.  It was magnificent. 

And it was such a cool and fun way to jump start a greener way of thinking for Miss Layla.  She had a blast looking at the massive art globes and didn't realize mom was already taking advantage of instilling good practices for a brighter, greener tomorrow!

Here are some of my favorite captures of the day...enjoy!

All of the globes focused
on different ways to make the
world a greener place!
This one below?
Eat whole, all natural foods.

Had to take a snap shot break.

She was on the hunt for acorns.
As usual.

But, paused just long enough.
For a few decent ones.

Then, she was off again.

This may have been my all time favorite.

These pictures do it NO justice.
The colors were lovely.

Here is a look at one row.

Another very, very cool one!
(They all were.)

No justice.
This one is terrific!

Break time again.

A serious break time.

I love you this much!!!!

That 39 story building in the background?
The company I work for.
Full Time.
That's their latest residential high rise...
Isn't it gorgeous?

You should see the view from up there!

And now for the best part of the day.
This mural may become part of the Cool Globes Exhibit.

Next stop?  Europe!
How cool is that?

Layla is never happier
than with a paint brush
in her hands.
Tres adorable!

The above globe represents a true love of mine.
It was called 'Unplugged Fun!'
And it was exactly what we were doing.

Enjoying the outdoors.
Enjoying what nature has to offer!
Turning  off the t.v.

And living. 
And learning. 
And having fun!

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Kenneth and Sue said...

What a lucky young lady Miss Layla is to have such a wonderful, loving, and special Momma in her life. You do such a great job of instilling the right values in her life and I am very proud of you. Maybe, just maybe, I did something right with you. I love you! Mom

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