Saturday, October 24, 2009

From balloons to laundry to babies and friends!

That's right. 

The following morning after I blogged about fun and creative ways  to use Hot Air here to read about that!

Wouldn't you just know it...

We opened the back door to let the pup, Sammie, out for the morning...

And this gorgeous Hot Ait Balloon flew...

Directly over our house!  I mean, directly!  It was so neat.  We yelled, "Howdy!" and they waved hello! 

It was another supreme day!!!

That is until I remembered how much laundry I had to do. 

Seven. SEVEN!  Loads to be exact.  All mine.  No towels.  No sheets.  No toddler clothes.

So I got two loads out of the way.  While Layla relaxed....

Comfortable any???? 

Oh yes, of course!  Two feet.  Now we are all good!!!

Then it was off to get some last minute help on the Halloween costume!  With our good friends.  Which means good fun too!

And we were able to see cutie pie, Cameron.  Isn't he just precious? 

Layla spent time with Addison, while myself and Courtney fixed a little sizing error with the costume.  This is a pretty good story and worth blogging I'll save it for later!

It was time to go, and we said our good-byes.  Addison likes to give big hugs!  Can you tell?

And said, "Bye-bye sweetheart!" to Layla.  I don't think much of anything gets cuter than that?!

Our little gang is headed to the Zoo Boo tomorrow and every one is excited! 

I, however, am not too excited that three loads of laundry have been carried over to Sunday.  But, I suppose, that is what I get for allowing it to pile up! 

I know.  I know.  Shame, shame, shame....

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Nathan, Lindsay and .... said...

I love Layla in the clothes basket! She is precious with her little feet sticking out. Miss you all! Emerson sends hugs and kisses to Layla XOXOXOXO

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