Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vedic Astrology, Anyone?

Take your quiz here and let me know your strengths and shadow issues.
Whatever that means??

Here is my Vedic Astrology.

FYI - I do this just for fun.  But, it is pretty dead on.


You are very good at putting into practice what you have learned - walking the walk, not just talking the talk. You will have a deep sensitivity to others and the capacity to endure humiliation and difficulty without excessive ego in order to achieve your goals. You are also a good planner, particularly adept at putting into place the right steps that allow your dreams to manifest through patience, humility, and service.

Shadow issues

You may be stuck in your ways and slow to change, convinced that the old ways are the best, tending to be stuffy and conservative. Be careful not to become the martyr, suffering silently, enduring too much for the sake of your long-term goals, or else arrogance, jealousy, and bitterness may result. Your self-contained efficiency may simply be a wall of protection against the fear of change or the difficulty of facing your emotions honestly.

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Anonymous said...

Ardra means moist.

The symbol of Ardra is a teardrop.

Strengths: You will act powerfully in defense of a just cause. There will be a protective quality to your actions. There will be high ambitions and desire to expand. You possess a keen ability to anticipate societal trends, making you good at marketing and planning for the future. You will have a fierce and stormy side to you, an obsessive and tempestuous psychology. Much like a cyclone, this is necessary to destroy and regenerate your life; much spiritual potential is hidden in these moments.

Shadow issues: You must be careful with abuse of power and having the means justify the ends when fighting for a just cause. You may appear ungrateful, haughty, and excessively willful when pursuing your goals. At times, you may lack the vision necessary to see the bigger picture, especially in defense of the righteous. You must align your destructive nature with the right cause - destroying darkness and ignorance, rather than destroying the positive things in your life.

There you go... this is what it said for me... lol. Thanks for the "just for fun" quizes. I'm killing time here. I'm so ready to get home and get comfty!

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