Monday, November 16, 2009

Inpromptu Zoo

We headed to the zoo yesterday.  No plans.  No special reason.  Just to go.

Weather = mostly cloudy.

Sea Lions were out!  A first.

Visited the bird section.  A first.

On another note.  How funny is it that flamingos sleep one one leg.  Standing up?
With their heads all rolled up and buried?
Just an observation, that's all.
Just kinda strange.

Bye-Bye Birdies.

Come on mom!

And of course, we she had to pick up acorns along the way!
I just pointed them out...

That is the BIGGEST one she has ever found.

Picture by the zebra.
To match the outfit.

This time we visited the Children's Zoo.
Did not know it existed.

Layla got to pet a lot of animals.

Rabbits.  And turtles.  And goats.

So.  It was a good day.

Especially when it ends on...

A frog.

A giraffe.

An elephant.

And a train.
(Not pictured.)

1 comment:

Priscila said...

your daughter is sooooo CUTE! My do you stand not like kissing her all the time...sooo cute!!! You actually look a lot alike!!! Very pretty :)

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