Thursday, November 19, 2009

So pissed

Sorry.  But, I am.

I. am. so. PISSED.

I just got a ticket.

FOR RUNNING A FOUR WAY STOP SIGN!  (More on this later.  I had a cute post this morning regarding this same lovely eight sided shape, but some cop had to go and ruin it!)

Such crap. 

I. did. NOT. run. that. stop. sign.

I go this way EVERY. DAY!!!  Drop off Layla.  Head to work.

Same route every day.

Such crap.  I really have another word in mind.

But, I will spare you.  It's related to this lil guy below though.

Whatever.  It is what it is!

That is soooo my new life motto! 

Defensive Driving here I come.


For the.

How many times now? 

I promise.  I am not a bad driver.

But, he is a bad lying cop.  If I had his Badge I.D. - you would know it!  And if he would have printed clearly, I would let you know his name too.  'Cuz you SUCK!

Beware ya'll.  Dirty cops are everywhere...


Melissa said...

Aw...Horse Crap! Boo to dirty cops & I hope that mean man doesn't ruin your day.

Mommy said...

Oh sorry you got a ticket...that bites! Thank you for your sweet compliment on my daughter's zebra party. You're so nice! I am having a giveaway right now in case you want to participate. Check it out on my blog :) Drive safe and don't run stop signs...haha..just kidding :)

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