Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My 200th post!

I have to admit.  I would never have considered myself a blogger.  EVER. 

But, since the beginning of this.  This blog.  Of mine.  I have found it therapeutic.  Addictive.  Fun.  Sad.  My life. 

I did one thing right when I named my blog.  My blog logs who I am.  What I do.  What I love.  What I hate dislike.  What I am becoming.  This is Meli Faif Life! 

To honor my 200th post.  I leave you with these words and images. 

This is not primarily the place we have to be,

it is the place where we are.

It is not our prison,

but our home.

It is the road we must walk,

and the walking of it is called life.

Because we walk it only once,

then how important is it
that we should walk it with some purpose

that we can call our own.

— Unknown

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