Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shining Down On Us

Yes, I know.  God is Shining Down on Us.

But, ever since my beloved friend, Juny, passed away...

I have seen an abundant amount of sun rays shining down on me!  On us.

I feel as if it is my dear friend, with his magnificent smile.  Shining down on us!  I know it is.

It is his way of saying hello and staying ever so present in our world.  Making it brighter.  Just as he always would. 

The ironic part is. 
In order to get sun rays like that. 

You have to have sun. 

And you have to have clouds.

The sun is representative of my friend, Juny.  His smile is as bring as the sun.  He lit up our worlds!

And the clouds.  The dark clouds represent the darkness that has entered the world as we now know it.  Without him in it.  It is a much more sad place. 

But, everytime I see one of these...

...or one of these...

I smile.  Because I know he is still and will always be with me.  With us!

We love and miss you June Bug!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

everytime i see the sun and it's rays i think about my brother. i look up at the sky and clouds and all i could do is smile. it makes me think he's right there with me. i love the pic u posted of him. i love him and i miss him more than words!

my dad is in puerto rico now. he is having a service for juny on sunday for all our family and friends that couldn't make it here for his service. his God parents will be there and some of his ashes will be placed in the tomb where my grandmother, gradfather and my uncle are. i believe my dad said they also got a head stone. The reason i said some of his ashed is because his ashes were spilt up between my mother, father, my sister, me and karen. my mom has a real big urn at home. i hope you guys get to swing by there and see it... dad has the actual box his ashes came in. and me, my sister and karen have smallers urns... i will share with you pics of his service in puerto rico once i get them. thanks again for this me~my brother is one of the best rays of sunshine everrrrrr!!!

i love u juny!

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