Thursday, November 5, 2009

Layla's Land - Phase I

I am delivering what I promised a while back...

This is only Phase I of my Layla's Land Art Piece.  Sorry for the poor quality.  Lighting.  Angle.  Etc. 

Pink sky at sunset. 

First layer.  Will begin to enhance the colors in Phase II.  Slowly.  But, surely.  I am encompassing everything Layla loves from her early childhood infancy and toddler-hood.

Being outside.  Swinging.  Rocks.  Birds.  Trees.  Music.  Stickers. 

Oh yes!  It will be intricate!  Stay tuned....

I have a lot.  I mean, a lot.  Of painting to do! 

I have a custom order that comes first.  It is for the winner of the March of Dimes Fundraiser, Brandi and her sweet Mabry.  I love that name!  I am gonna do something similar to this...but, with more purple, instead!

Then, I have a very special piece that I am working on for my friend, Juny's sister, Mary!  It will be soul awakening, I'm sure of it!

And then I can start on two orders I have from my friend, Jen. 

Geesh.  I better start painting and stop blogging!  This weekend is my painting weekend.  Oh, and our family picture re-shoot weekend too.  I'll be sure to share the paintings with you all when I have one complete! 

Don't expect to see Phase II of Layla's Land anytime soon...

...I have a Craft Show next week too!  Whoa momma!!!!!! 

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Wow! You are BIZEEE. Have fun at the craft show and good luck with all your projects. Knock it out girl.

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