Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zoo Visit

On Saturday we had to get our mind off of the bad things and focus on the fun things in life!  So, we headed to - where else??? - THE ZOO!

He found the shade...ahhhh!

Wittle Sweet Baby Elephant

Love, LOVE this pic.  These animals amaze me.


Black Bear taking a snooze.

The King and his partner snoozing too.

And Layla could have been on t.v. if she was nice to Mr. Smokey the Bear, but noooo....
she had to act like a stinker pot and grab on to my neck for dear life.  Maybe next time?

She was more interested in feeding the birds her pizza.

And walking along the promenade.

Best shot I got of her...

Wish they had a train pass.  We cannot go to the zoo without riding the train.
All Aboard!!  Choo-chooooo!!

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