Friday, September 11, 2009

Handwriting Interpretation

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I did, and my handwriting says the following about my personality traits...

I tend to be logical and practical. I am guarded with my emotions.  (Very true!)

I have a big personality. It may suggest that I am outgoing and like the limelight.  (I suppose...)

I am spontaneous and relaxed and find it easy to express myself.  (Most def!)

I have an open mind and enjoy trying new things.  (All the time!)

I am intellectually probing and like to study new things. (You know it!)  The higher and pointier the peaks, the more ambitious you are.  (Mine are really high!)  I may not be following my heart. For example, you always wanted to be an artist, but you have a career in finance.  (Hello!!!!  I definitely think this "quiz" was speaking to me directly this morning!)  I am versatile.  (True.)

That was fun!  Thanks for reading...

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