Friday, September 18, 2009

Aquarium Visit

Again.  It was a couple of weeks ago and myself, Layla and KK went to visit the Aquarium.  We had an awesome time.  Let me let the pictures speak for themselves, once again.

Mommy and Layla at the White Tiger Exhibit

Close up of Layla - hamming it up for KK!

Below is Reef.  And he was in quite the mood due to an early morning vet visit.
He pounced on the glass wall twice trying to get at this man...thanks goodness it wasn't us he wanted!

Because when Reef stands up on his hind legs, he is over 11 feet tall!!!
Much taller than the fun version behind us...and Layla was still scared...

But, then KK started being funny and all was better!

But, she still wanted to get away from the BIG cat!

This is the train ride that takes you through an underwater tunnel.

Very cool.

Then we went inside to check out the other exhibits.

Too bad we couldn't take the treasure chest with us...

Can you spot the blue frog?

Touching the sting rays...

Look closely and you can see KK and Layla inside!

A special thank you to KK for a wonderful, memorable day at the Aquarium!!!  You are the best, KK and we love you bunches!

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Yakini said...

OOoh, what a fun day!!!! We took Chase to the aquarium recently, but he was too young too appreciate it - he looked at everything and everyone BUT the sea creatures! lol.

Layla is sooo cute! I love these pics! :-)

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