Thursday, September 10, 2009

NO brain today...

I am feeling a bit under the weather today and just too dreary to post about all the fantastic stuff I was excited about yesterday!  BOO!

But, I saw this fun little post on the Fat Mum Slim blog this morning, and thought I would give it a go...and I think you should too! 

Making : plans to go ride the mini train at Zube Park.
Cooking : not too much nowadays! I did cook a pretty tasty meatloaf and potatoes on Labor Day though.

Drinking: my morning Coca-Cola, of course!
Reading: the numerous blogs I follow and love oh so much!

Wanting: HA!  A whole lot!  Much, at this point, just to feel better...
Looking: at my computer screen....what else?!?

Playing: Essential Michael Jackson CD.

Wasting: time.  Bad, bad girl!

Sewing: I wish I could...that is my next undertaking...I have an obsession with boutique clothes for the little one.
Wishing: that we would win the lottery.

Enjoying: the thought of seeing a couple of really good friends this weekend!

Waiting: for quitting time to roll around...
Liking: the sound of's almost...oh! only 11 o'clock!  Sigh....

Wondering: when luck will fall on my side???

Loving: my family, my friends and my job!  (Because I have one!)

Hoping: that I can get my Children's Wall Art business off the ground!

Marvelling: at what God has given us!
Needing: to be more disciplined.

Smelling: nothing because my nose is stuffed up!

Wearing: a black blouse and white pants with black heels.

Following: some really fun blogs!

Noticing: that some people still don't care about being GREEN!!  Why?!?!?  We only have one Earth and e all should (and have to) protect it!
Knowing: not nearly enough.  Education is bliss!

Thinking: that we are in charge of our attitude!

Bookmarking: Blogs and website I swoon over.

Opening: Mail. From work.  Not so much fun!

Giggling: at Layla every chance I get!  And myself because if you can't make fun of yourself, then you must be a stick in the mud. 

Feeling: optimistic!  (And if you know me, know me, then you know that is a major feat in and of itself!)
Have a blessed day!

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