Thursday, September 24, 2009

a sickly week in review

In order to play catch up since I have been out sick...I am going to combine a few fun, and not-so-fun moments all-in-one post!  I am sure you won't mind! 

UPDATE:  I started to write this blog on the 16th, but a lot happened since then so, let me tell you about a few weekends ago...just keep that in mind when you are reading...
This past weekend we went to San Antonio for multiple reasons.  First and foremost, it was my nephew, Ethan's, 1st middle school football team scrimmage game!  And of course it was Grandparents Day too!  And I was able to meet Mr. Brayden for the 1st time and see a couple of my great friends!

Let's begin on Saturday was a drizzly, cloudy morning and the roadways were slick with oil and rain.  I was already driving cautiously because I do not have great faith in my tires as they have had too many near collision experiences.  Well, if you are familiar with the Loop 1604 and I-35 connection in San Antonio, you know how tight of a loop it is...

...long, scary story short.  I was driving.  About 30 mph.  Layla and Richard in the back seat.  When my wheel locks up on me.  My tires begin to slide off the roadway.  And then we begin to spin out.

Ya know.  It is true what they say.  Your life really does flash before your eyes.

Very bizarre.  Cannot explain it.  But, in those short few seconds, as our lives spun out of control, literally.  I thought about so much.  I thought that this couldn't be happening right now.  Not like this.

I have always had this really morbid thought about me passing away in a car accident.  I don't know why?  It started in college.  When I would endure a 4 and a half hour car rdie in one direction just to go back and forth from San Antonio to Nacogdoches.  That was on repeat mode for about 5 years!  That is when this morbid thought implanted itself in my mind.

But, I was terrified on Saturday when Layla and Richard were in the car with me!  I was thinking to myself, "NO!  This can't be it!  This isn't it!  They are with me.  Please, God, don't let this be it!"

And all I can remember hearing (and are still hearing) is the mud hitting the windows and car...

And my life flashed before my eyes!  I don't want that to happen again! 

Most importantly, we are all okay!  Thank our good Lord!  I had to gather myself.  And Layla said, "What happened?"  And I didn't have a good answer.  And when Layla saw the outside of our Camry, she said, "Mommy did that!?!?"  Yes I did.

On to Ethan's football game we went.  Not broken.  Not bruised.  But, shaken, for sure.  But, I deal well with shaken, not stirred, thank you very much! 

And for the record - I could have used a nice dirty, make that extra dirty, martini after that fiasco!

Ethan was so cute, and we were and still are so proud of him!  He is on 1st team offense.

He is # 82...can you spot the cutie?  And below is his cutie sister and my sweet niece, Paige.

Then myself and Layla headed to Alamo Cafe, yummy, to meet Mr. Brayden for the 1st he is.  Such a sweet baby doll!

How excited does my baby girl look?

And we also were able to see Nicole and Mr. Wade too!  What a wonderful, but too short, visit!?!

I am so happy for my two friends here.  Nicole and Kristen are great friends to me and it is so nice to see them as mommys now too!  I just wish we lived in the same city...

And then we were off to visit Honey, which deserves her own post so tune in tomorrow...please.  Thank you!

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