Monday, April 11, 2011

This is NOT what's up cupcake!!!!

Do you remember my What's Up Cupcake post?  It's okay...if not, juct click here


Well, that cute lil trailer has been posted up by my work for a couple of weeks now.  Layla has been begging me to stop.  And I finally did on Friday. 

To the tune of $15 later....on cup.cakes.

I choose a vanilla, a strawberry, a chocolate, a red velvet, a nutella one.  And I can't remember the last one I chose.  Yep, do the math.  It's like $3 a cupcake.  And considering that is the price I pay TOTAL, for at least two dozen didn't sit too easy with me.  Call me frugal, I am okay with that. 

So, I am itching to get home and gobble up one of those babies!  Now I was orange creme!

But, I digress. 

To start with....the icing was SOOOOO, so, so, so very yummy!  I had to take a lick.  Well, she passed that test with flying colors.  {I am getting way too excited....for the first bite!}

So, I sink my teeth in....and....

Was very disappointed.  {I know, sad face!} 

You see, it just sucks to bite into a dry, bland cake.  Especially when the icing is pure heavenly bliss. 

So, I have to fail them.  I have to!  You cannot have a good cupcake when the "cake" of it all is nasty and dry.  Big bummer....

Bigger bummer is seeing that electronic invoice sitting in my inbox this morning to pay.  $15 for dry, bland cupcakes, that you have thrown away is harder to pay for. 

But, I wanna go raid all her icings! 


Val said...

What an adorable trailer and I'm so happy you enjoyed the recipe. It's the greatest compliment you could have given me =))

Nikosmommy said...

A perfect cupcake is hard to find! Either the icing is too sweet or the cake is bland/dry/packaged tasting.

For the price you'd expect better!!

Melissa said...

Aw man! What a HUGE bummer! HUGE! {sigh} I heart cupcakes. :(

I tried Sprinkles...and the same, dry...very bland...nothing special. Hmph.

Momma makes better cupcakes anyway right ;)

WhatMissLoves said...

That stinks. I'm not a frosting person so I definitely rely on a cupcake having really good cake.

btw I'm having another WhatYOULove challenge centered on the readers! For more information: Click Here

blueviolet said...

When I went to NYC for BlogHer last year, I went on the Sex and The City tour and at the end they served us cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (which is supposed to be really famous). They were horrible! They were dry and flavorless and awful! I took one bite and pitched it!

georgia~gigi said...

I am all about the frosting! Not big on cake! I do love cake~ balls, tho'
sorry you got jipped, honey bunny!
gi gi

Summer said...

That sure isn't what's up cupcake, blah, girl if I find icing like that I will totally send it your way LOL...that does stink when you get so excited for heavenly bliss to bite into a dry ole cupcake that you paid 3 bucks a pop for...a disgress! LOL

So girly I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my post was alot to read and I just felt so moved with your simple I'll pray for you...your the bestest!


learn oil painting said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

undomestic chica said...

oh man! That's too bad, you should email me your address, I have something to send you.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

aww bummer that they didnt taste so great! that trailer is so so cute!!! btw your comment on my blog today cracked me up :)

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