Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback to NM!

I know, I know.  You guys are probably tired of reading and looking at my New Mexico stories and pictures...but this is my way  to recall it all.  And when I am working with 700+  pictures...well, there is a lot to sort through.

So, now I am taking you through my shopping excursion...beginning with a stop in Capitan, NM to visit an antique store, and to hit up the Smokey the Bear Museum. 

I did not purchase anything here, but I sure wish I had a family to do a photoshoot with!  Loved all the colors so much.

After I hit up this lil spot, we headed across the street to visit this special lil guy...

Smokey the Bear is a real life story, that happened in the Lincoln County National Forest.  It was fun to get educated on this story and to grab the book for baby girl.  She also lucked out and received a frisby and a t-shirt to remember the trip by.

Although, she was more intrigued by the rolly-polly she spotted outside the museum. 

{can you see him on the sidewalk?}

Remember - Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

And then we were off to Ruidoso, again, but this time for shopping!!!

I loved this cute lil boutique, the Chartreuse Moose.  Wish they had a website I could link to, but....

I did not buy a lot...I was on the hunt for some jewelry to match my new snazzy cowboy boots, but I wasn't spending $500 on a cuff bracelet.  Sorry. 

But, here are some random pics to wrap up this leg of our trip. 

And GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!  Google, Picasa web album stated I am "out of space" and I cannot load anymore pics until I buy more storage space?!?  What the hell does that mean? 

Has anyone else run into this issue before?

Until the next time I buy more storage....


Tiffany said...

You're killing me with those colors! Love 'em, especially the orange and turquoise combo. I hope you find some new space soon!!

undomestic chica said...

I'm not tired of hearing about your trip at all! $500 for a cuff? Not cool. Maybe you can try getting another picasa account with a different email address? I don't know,I don't use picasa but I used to do that with Photobucket back in the day.

undomestic chica said...

I had no idea Smokey's story was true! Poor little cub!

georgia~gigi said...

Never tired of seeing your world! What great shops, and yes love all the colors!!!
I had to buy more storage the other day, on my simply smile blog! I did the $5.00 so that better last me a long time!!!
gi gi

Melissa said...

Your trip was so adventurous! Love the colors in all the pictures.

And who knew Smokey's story was true? I thought it was just some made up story made up by marketing people.

$500 on a cuff bracelet? Wowza!

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