Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It just wouldn't be school pictures without it...

Layla has school pictures today.

So of course, last night she fell flat on her face.  Naturally. 

You see everytime school pictures roll around, Layla always, always, ALWAYS has a bruise or a cut on her face.  It is what it is.  I was impressed that she didn't have one, as of yesterday afternoon.

Well, she took care of that promptly after arriving at a lil impromptu pizza party for one of my friends last night.  Splashing her feet in the water, and then skipping out happily proved to be a bad move.  Layla's face, meet the pavement.  Hello!

She busted her lip.  Luckily, the teeth were still intact.  Scraped her nose and a lil part of her forehead.  It could have been much worse. 

This is what she looked like this morning before I dropped her off. 

Not too shabby.  Now let's see what the pictures look like. 

Me, on the other hand.  I am no better.  I have a crick in my neck. 


Can't look left.  Can't look right.  Can't look up.  Can't look down.  Niiiiice.  Massage appointment at 3:30.  I wish my 1st massage could have been a more relaxing experience...buy HEY!  I'll take it anyway. 

And here's to a crick-free tomorrow.  *fingers crossed*


Marcy XOXO said...

I had a crick in my neck that was something horrible on Saturday! I feel your pain girl... PS she looks absolutely adorable! OMG love love love her hair ;)

Summer said...

I love her cute little outfit...um we do dress are girls alike, those red curls are the most precious I have ever saw LOVE THEM!! OK so I am so sorry you have a crick in your neck those hurt sooooooooooo bad, hears to hoping your massage is more relaxing and they get it crick free! Oh and KLAW isn't private on KLAW Inspired just on K's Little LAW...so you can still talk to her on here, you'll love her and she'll love you she's really the bestest and so are you my dear...thanks for always saying the sweetest things to me!


Melissa said...

Hey look at it this way, every picture has a story, lol. Lurve her outfit and her hair...awesome.

I hope your crick goes away & the Masseuse works their magic on ya!

Happy Tuesday!

Summer Athena said...

she is one of the happiest and cutest little girls ever.

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Oh! She is just so adorable...injured or not. :) I really will never be able to get over those UNREAL red curls, she's so perfect! I love that little outfit she is wearing too! Oh and enjoy your massage! :)


georgia~gigi said...

oh, you poor girls!!!!
Layla looks so adorable (as always ;) Can't wait to see her pics!

I hope your message goes well, I so love getting one!!!! I'm sure you will too!

Lots of love
gi gi

bananas. said...

i'm the same way as little layla. always bumping into walls, falling on my face and effin shiz up before pictures. bah. but she's 10x cuter than me.

scratch that...100x cuter than me.

undomestic chica said...

You poor girls. I'm glad her teeth were unharmed, now THAT would be quite the story in 20 years. She'll take gorgeous pictures anyways.

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