Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For the love of Adele

I've had Adele's album, 21, on extremely heavy rotation for the last month.  I am in love with every.single.song!  That is an impressive feat, no?  When was the last time you could listen to an album from cover to end?  It's been a while for me...so I am simply in musical heaven.

I've tried to pick a favorite tune....but, I cannot.  I truly adore them all.  And sing them at the top of my lungs, like I have her voice.  Luckily, its usually only me and Layla in the car.  And you should hear Miss Priss belt her out...she was cursed blessed with my vocal range.  Rumour Has It is Layla's jam. 

But, all of the songs below make me jam.  Or cry.  Or recall...yeah...it's that good!


# 1 - Rolling In The Deep

Baby, I have no story to be told,

But I've heard one on you and I'm gonna make your head burn,

Think of me in the depths of your despair,

Make a home down there as mine sure won't be shared
# 2 - Rumour Has It
Bless your soul, you've got your head in the clouds,

You made a fool out of me,

And, boy, you're bringing me down,

You made my heart melt, yet I'm cold to the core,

But rumour has it I'm the one you're leaving her for


# 3 - Turning Tables

Under haunted skies I see you, ooh,

Where love is lost, your ghost is found,

I braved a hundred storms to leave you,

As hard as you try, no, I will never be knocked down


# 4 - Don't You Remember

Gave you the space so you could breathe,

I kept my distance so you would be free,

In hope that you'd find the missing piece,

To bring you back to me
# 5 - Set Fire To The Rain

But there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew

All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true

And the games you'd play, you would always win, always win
# 6 - He Won't Go
But I won't go,

I can't do it on my own,

If this ain't love, then what is?

I'm willing to take the risk


# 7 - He Won't Go

Maybe I should leave,

To help you see,

Nothing is better than this,

And this is everything we need,

So is it over?

Is this really it?

You're giving up so easily,

I thought you loved me more than this


# 8 - I'll Be Waiting

Hold me closer one more time,

Say that you love me in your last goodbye,

Please forgive me for my sins,

Yes, I swam dirty waters,

But you pushed me in


# 9 - One and Only

You've been on my mind,

I grow fonder every day,

Lose myself in time,

Just thinking of your face,

God only knows why it's taken me so long to let my doubts go,

You're the only one that I want


# 10 - Lovesong
{cover of The Cure}

However far away I will always love you

However long I stay I will always love you

Whatever words I say I will always love you


# 11 - Someone Like You

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited,

But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it,

I had hoped you'd see my face,

And that you'd be reminded that for me it isn't over


So, the long and short of it.  Although this did get to be quite the long post. 


{like yesterday}

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blueviolet said...

I'm hooked on Rolling in the Deep since I heard it on American Idol!

Claire Kiefer said...

Seriously one of the most incredible albums EVER. I'm with you: it's rare that I love an album from beginning to end (I feel that way about Citizen Cope's Clarence Greenwood Recordings--do you have that?). My favorite song on 21 is Someone Like You--it kills me! So beautiful and sad. Now I'm gonna turn it on. :)

Melissa said...

Someone Like You is my favorite. I'm trying to learn it on the piano.

You & Layla crack me up. :)

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Meli Love :)
Oh, this post is awesome! I love her too! I sing at the top of my lungs, and Cloe gives me the MOM don't embarrass me look! Oh, well!
gi gi

Pineapple Princess said...

I love her songs, too. How is she so talented and so beautiful at the same time?
I like your style! :)

Ashley said...

Love her! Her voice is so beautiful and just different!

undomestic chica said...

Is it possible to NOT love Adele?

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Oh yes, I first heard her sitting in a public office here in Italy! She has a great voice, so glad you posted on her!

Hope you had a fantastic Easter, lovely.


bananas. said...

my vote is someone like you...but you already know that ;)

guess we were on the same wavelength today. yet again! adele is the jam. can't argue with that!

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