Friday, April 15, 2011

a Lady Bug Love Story

I realize that this blog really should be titled Layla's Life instead of Meli Faif Life...but bear with, m-kay?

Maybe one day I will get a lil more diverse and post more of me on here.  Maybe.  But don't hold your breath.  'Cause when you have this preciousness around you all the time...well, it kinda just takes over.

So Layla is the Lady Bug Queen.  She is.  Truly.

She finds a new lady bug almost everywhere we go.  It's darling.  Her and her 10 year old neighbor girlfriend made a lil lady bug house so house them in when they find them.  That's her 1st resident.

{excuse the attire.  she has her own fashion sense.}

I let Layla keep the lil lady bug overnight but I explained that it would be sad if we kept her forever.  She would miss her friends.  She would miss the grass.  And the sky....

So, this is Layla saying her final good-bye.  

I felt bad, but I asked her how would she feel if someone took her away from her friends and family and eveything she loved....and locked her in a room all by herself?  So, she understood why she had to let it go. 

Right after I snapped this, she flew away.  And Layla mourned.

But, only until the next day.  When she brought another lady bug home from school.  And begged and pleaded so she could bring her home with us.  That means an hour commute with a fragile lady bug in her hands.  Um, no.  So, I stopped at Wendy's and asked for an empty bag.  To put the lady bug safely in. 

This one she named after herself, Layla J. 

I gave my Layla a one night warning again.  But, when we went to clean up in the bath that night, Layla left the bag open, and Layla J. flew out.  Layla was devestated.  I explained that Layla J. was still in the house, we would find her.  Layla was moping around the house and saying, "I will never ever find her!!!!!"  When she looks down at her feet....and hello!  There was Layla J. 

The love story began.

We went to sleep that night, as did Layla J.  I am assuming.  We wake up in the morning only to realize Layla, my Layla, left the bag opened again.  Where is the Layla Bug house?  Good question. 

So, the sob story began.  Again.  I told her not to worry, we would find her after we got home from school and work. 

We didn't. 

But, Layla would bring "things" home for her.  Like a lady bug bed.  It just so happens to look like a piece of a roof shingle.  And she kept it, waiting to find Layla J. 

Guess who we ran across two nights ago? 

Yep, you guessed it...Layla J!  Still hanging out around our house.  This is like 3 weeks later, ya'll!!! 

I knew we had to rescue her.  She was in the same place for 24 hours...critical condition.  I got her off the ceiling and Layla talked with her.  She was so happy.  We gave her some water and some grass.  And then I told Layla we had to get her back outside...

As soon as Layla J. realized those were blue skies above her...she was OFF!  Happy trails Layla J.


Nikosmommy said...

So cute! I have ladybugs in my master bathroom tub!? I don't know where they come from but they hang out all winter even when it's so cold you won't believe it. they are seriously resilient bugs ....and you are a very patient Mama!!! have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest story ever!

Melissa said...

Such a sweet post and you have such a kind, sensitive little one there. With great eye for fashion I may add.

georgia~gigi said...

Aw, what a darling lil love story!
Glad to hear it had happy ending for Layla J :)
Always love to hear about Miss Red Curlz, but I think you should do Meli Monday's. If you don't I will ( he he I'll add you to my m's list) I am remembering a jib jab, I could start with :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Meli Girl!
Love ya

Summer said...

What a great story! Your Layla is like the ladybug whisperer! Wow I need ya'll to come visit so she can catch me some and we can make lots of wishes!! Love Layla J and that she stuck around that long what a great story and you my friend are the bestest mommy to teach her to let it be free and give it a bag to go home sweet


undomestic chica said...

Awwww....if I ever have a little girl, I want her to be just like Layla! Creepy? Oh well.

I like your 24 hour explanation. My parents always told me my wish would come true when the bug flew off so I always caught them and tried to make them fly away right away. Have a good weekend!

Baby Making Mama said...

I loved this story!! So sweet! I can't believe yall found her again! Glad she survived and was able to fly away. Your daughter is so sweet. Sometimes I think I want my daughter to stay a baby forever, but then I read things like this and it gets me excited for when she's older!

And I still can't get over that beautiful red hair! And yes, my daughter has light brown in her hair, I think you asked in a comment once. Sometimes it looks like reddish highlights. Crazy huh?!!

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