Monday, April 25, 2011

Meli Monday - Four Generations and then some

Hope you all had a gorgeous and lovely Easter celebration.  We did, but now I am egg-hausted! know me.  I had to be a dork.

We had a couple of easter egg hunts to attend.  Some eggs begging for some dye.  And some kiddos itching for some sugar.  As in the candy variety.  Not those from my sweet lips.  Although those would be tons sweeter, I would imagine.  Their loss. 

My lil Natures' Girl picking momma a flower.  Sweet baby love.

And with cousin Paige, getting ready for her 1st Easter egg hunt of the season.  All the eggs were gone in about 2 minutes flat.  No lie.  But, she walked away with about 7 eggs, we were happy. 

She wasn't suppose to cross the crime scene caution tape....that's my girl!  ;-)

This is Layla checking out what the big fluffy guy - of the bunny variety - left for her.  She said, "Oh.My.goodness!!!"  when she saw her basket.  So, I think we done good, huh?

Miss Sassy Britches, herself, showing off her moves.  She was tickled, to say the least...with her FIVE dresses, THREE pairs of shoes and the large PINK bunny her Pa-Pa gave to her.  And she is wearing a dress my mom and dad got for her too.  Spoiled much?  But, of course dah-ling!!! 

We headed over to my Honey's new assisted living center to partake in another Easter egg hunt.  And it was fun too! 

{Paige, loading em up!}

{Ethan, busted!}

My nephew, Ethan, told me he wasn't gonna brush his hair so I wouldn't snap pics of him....I am guessing right about now, he is wishing he would have combed his hair!  Ha.

{sweet pic, makes my heart melt!}

As does this Four Generation Picture.  A treasured keesake, always.

And me and my Honey.  I love that she is funny.  I think its where I get my sense of humor from.  Just look at that hat!!!  {it's Paige's}  Ha....gosh, I love her.

Hope you made memories to last a lifetime.  I know we did. 


Melissa said...

Such great pictures filled with warmth. Love it!

And of course...a girl needs many, many {many} dresses to choose from!

Glad you all had a fantastic Easter!

Lindsey said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful, special Easter weekend!! Love weekends like this when memories are made!! Cute pics!!

SKB said...

What great pictures! Your little one is just adorable and spoiled like they all should be. That 4 generation picture is really cool, I missed my family so much this weekend. Check out my blog for a cute giveaway!

blueviolet said...

Your day looked to be the BEST! Your family is beautiful and omg, love that generational shot!

georgia~gigi said...

Yay for Meli Monday's, Honey, Layla Love , Sugar and Easter!!!!
Looks like it was a grad day for you all! Miss Layla made out like a bandit!!!! You ladies all look gorgeous by the way!!!
Love ya
gi gi

undomestic chica said...

You are so gorgeous (in a non-creepy-single-white-female-way of course!)Love that pic of Layla in her new dress. Now, she just needs to sing, "I got it from my Mama!"

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