Friday, April 29, 2011

National Lemonade Day

Did you know today was National Lemonade Day?  Yeah, me neither.  Until I saw a friend of mine who informed me.  Thank you.  I needed this today.

I think we will go home this evening and set up a little lemonade stand for Layla.  So she can begin to understand what entrepreneurship is all about. 

Here is some inspiration to get me going...





And if you + some STRAWBERRIES


Now if I can just find a spot like this for me.  To kill some time relaxing and continue my reading of Little Bee.  {ah, more on that later.  I almost stopped reading last night because I was so disturbed my her thoughts.  Eeek!!!  I am glad I pushed through.}   

And maybe we could hook Layla up with this fabulous type of set up. 

Or maybe not!!! Ha!!!

And I KNOW it won't look anything like this...but I can explain to Layla that it could.  If she worked really day...that could be hers!!!  {This is the true purpose of National Lemonade Day anyway!}

But, in reality...I have no doubt it will probably, most definitely look somewhat like this.

{except we're charging $1.00!!!  Hey, don't judge.  Gas is almost $4.00!!!}

And of course it would also be an excellent time to teach her all about this! 

It's all in how you look at things folks.  It really is.  And what you do from there, of course. 

Stay sweet.  Or sour.  Whichever you prefer!!!  Toodles.

Go ahead.  Grab one!

You know you wanna...

{oops!  How'd that get in here!  Cheers!}

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Ashley said...

I had no idea today was National Lemonade Day! WOW! I remeber the days of being a kid and setting up a lemonade stand! :) I'll def take one! Thanks!

Claire Kiefer said...

That last print is how I'm feelin today, ha!! So funny that you're writing about this because I was literally just thinking about lemonade stands the other day. My friends and I used to love having them! Now that I live in a city, I never see that kind of thing anymore. :( I think it's such a precious experience for a kid--show us pics of Layla and her lemonade stand! :)

undomestic chica said...

I love you but I'm SUPER jealous you have weather good enough to have a stand. We're on our second day of sun in weeks! Please take pics of Layla and her stand.

Nikosmommy said...

We read Little Bee in our book club last was quite the book! But not too bad overall.
Hope you have a great weekend complete with sweet lemonade!

georgia~gigi said...

I am all Puckered up, I'll take some Vodka in mine please ;)
I LOVE lemondade (pink esp) and I Love this post! So cute!
Hope you girls make lots of moola! and yes love to see pics! Hope you had a great weekend!
Love ya lots
gi gi

Julia_Julia said...


How Tiff's Tiny Universe came to be: said...

Who knew?!?! What a great day.

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